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Great Business Cards and Business Card Ideas

Updated on June 28, 2013

You Need a Better Business Card...

I'm making this page about business cards for two basic reasons.

1. Gazillions of people have business cards, and

2. Most of them could be a whole lot more effective!

So what's the problem? Well, ideally the purpose of a business card is to generate BUSINESS. Here's the thing. Most business cards don't have the power to convert a prospect into a CUSTOMER!

All they have is contact information on them. Big mistake.

You can only imagine what happens when your business card becomes impossible to ignore and gains the ability to INFLUENCE your prospects.

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The Key to an Effective Business Card

It's time to think about your business cards in a whole new light.

It's time to realize, "hey if my business card is impossible to ignore... it's going to make me more money!"

The problem most business owners make is that they treat their business card like a "contact card" rather than a marketing tool! BIG MISTAKE. The truth is effective business cards work just like a little ad. So whether by design, or shape, or content your business card needs to stand out and take the first step toward generating a new client.

That could mean using your business card as a referral tool. Or using the back of the card to offer a free report, or recipe, or coupon (depending on your industry of course). Or making the design so unique and compelling that people are compelled to share it, making it go viral. Yes, it really does happen!

Stop thinking of your business card as a place to list contact details. Start thinking of it as a mini billboard or advertisement that makes you memorable and paves the way toward a sale!

Great Deals on Business Cards

Business card deals are everywhere.

If you're really on a budget here are some of the best deals out there. Keep in mind most will require you to cover at least shipping charges!

- totally free business cards

- 100 free (just pay shipping)

- 250 free (just pay shipping)

- 500 free (just pay shipping)

business card marketing
business card marketing

Business Card Marketing Secrets

NOW AVAILABLE: The ultimate guide to growing your business with business cards:

What your business card is missing that causes it to be forgotten, "glossed over" or ignored... or lands it right in the garbage can.

The cardinal sin of business cards: how to avoid it, multiply the business generating power of your business card almost instantly.

How to turn your business card into a referral generating secret weapon

The 2 critical business card "transformers" guaranteed to boost the response of your business card

The devastating MISTAKE that virtually eliminates a card's ability to generate new business.

What Makes a Great Business Card?

Plain jane business cards are okay, but with so many different styles and types of business card out there, why not be unique?

The best business cards are those that engage a prospect so don't be dull! Consider a uniquely shaped business card (square, bullet, custom die-cut) a unique material (plastic, wood, metal) or even special effects (3D, foil accents, spot uv). The more unique your card is, the more likely people are to remember you.

Business Card Infographics

A collection of Infographics about business card design, usage, and etiquette!

Click to see the full infographic...

Helpful Video on Business Cards

If you take away just ONE thing:

Make your business cards engaging!

The worst kind of business card is the one that's too dull to make an impression. Contact information alone will never make an impression on people. And it won't make the phone ring. So whether by design, material, content, or even gimmick, make sure your business card is engaging enough that people are drawn to it, or encouraged to share it with others.

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