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Universal Activities

Updated on November 14, 2011

Hello Fellow Hubbers!!

We have all experienced the melt down of the World Economy and I thought - What steps are you taking now to ensure that you and our family will never be affected by this again, irrespective of any financial down turn?

What if I can show you a way how to be financially free without jeopardizing what you are currently doing now?

Did you answer yes? Maybe you are wondering what is on the table? My answers to you would be "a change of lifestyle" and "financial freedom".

Introducing you to Universal Activities. This is a gifting club which is made up of private individuals who voluntarily support each other in a team concept which helps to change each others lives. Private gifting is a concept embraced by private groups of consenting adults and has been around for many years.

At Universal Activities, our mission is to provide a home for like-minded people to work together and practice the universal laws of giving and receiving, and to provide an activity where everyone can be happy and successful.

So, stop what you are doing now and go to to watch the video which will help you to become financially free.

Be a part of this great phenomenon and join us in our World Community of family and friends - Universal Activities - the Club that makes a better for you.

For registration, go to


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