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Unlocking the Secrets to a Happier Work Life. (And the benefits of Feng Shui)

Updated on August 13, 2013

This is it! You’re done! The 10 cups of coffee no longer has an effect on your mood(back in the days only one cup could revive you into a positive high) your work starts to drown you with its monotonous drawl. Day in and day out you put on your puppet strings and start dancing for the bosses. The job you loved to do and were so enthusiastic about suddenly turned into an unwanted nagging spouse who can’t seem to go away. But why feel like this? What happened to that bright, young over achiever? His spirit got lost amidst the other poor souls buried beneath their work, with no hope.

It’s quite depressing just writing this, but that’s when you have to stop and have a good scream. Let out that frustration, yell at a random dog or punch your teddy bear (He will understand) because I have a secret, this secret is the key to making your work life happier and also turn your dreary work space into an aromatic world of calm.

The Secrets to a better life at work (even if you really, really hate it)


1. Be your own best friend: Feeling happier always starts with the one person who understands you the best and that person is you. So every morning in the front of the mirror, greet yourself with a smile and wink and say the following: “I am great! I am Smart! And I love you!” This may feel funny to do but who’s watching? Sometimes in life you have to act silly to feel better.

2. Dress for success! Now that you have empowered yourself with a few minutes of self praise, it’s time to dress the part. Go to your wardrobe and search for your best outfit. If you having trouble finding it then you have a problem, you do not own that power suit! That one piece of life changing material that is holding you back from success is not yet in your grasp. But don’t panic, there are many great places that provide great suits for men and women. For an inexpensive but expensive look offers a wide range of suits that will certainly blow the minds of your colleagues and having the CEO ask for your tailor’s number, you will start feeling great before you even step out of your house.

3. Tickle that funny bone!

Humour, as many would say, is the best medicine. Dedicate at least 5 minutes of your life to laugh at something. The internet is the best place to discover that you have a funny bone. From weird ladies dancing to cute cats doing cute cat things, anything that can make you smile will make you happy so crack a joke in the office and spread the funny germ. Try this one on for size; “What do you call an alligator in a vest? An Investigator!” It’s all about your attitude and a great punch line and if they don’t get it then they’re really nacho friend.

4. Let’s get physical

Nothing says blood pumping like a good workout, not only does it promote a healthier lifestyle it helps you keep focused and energized. If your job requires sitting all day then turn that into motivation to get up and do some jumping jacks. A bit of movement will help your body release chemical called endorphins, this triggers positive vibes into your body and so reducing stress. Endorphins are the body’s natural feel good chemicals, and when they are released through exercise, your mood is boosted naturally.

So what can you do?

Chair dips: If you have a chair without wheels then do chair dips. All you need is 2 minutes away from the screen, face your back towards the chair and using your triceps (upper arms muscles for those who don’t know) lift your body up and slowly dip down. Repeat this 15 times. Make sure your legs are bent.

Stretches: This is called the side neck stretch. Sit up tall in your chair, and while breathing deeply in, pull you head to the side slowly and feel the neck muscles stretch. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds until releasing it to the same on the other side.

Sitting at your desk all day can be a painful task and the back stretch can help ease the torture. Sit up straight in your chair, and lift you arms up as high as possible. You should feel a stretch. Then slowly bring your arms down and pull them behind you until you feel your shoulder muscles stretch. Now bend down and touch your toes hold this position for a few seconds and come up slowly and let out a nice deep breath. Doesn’t that feel great?

By now you should be feeling a bit positive about life at work. You revitalized your body and mind with great motivation and a well deserved exercise. But that is not enough, you still have to get through the day of mountains of work and the ‘office know it all’ (we all have one). This is the part where we learn to be a productive recluse, sucked into the world of soothing music and with a bit of practise, learn how to block out the negativity that is spread around the office.


“Because the DJ saved my life”: Music is known for increasing productivity in the workplace, it is a brilliant way to drown out the distraction from outside and allow you to focus on the tasks at hand. Different music will give off different vibes; it depends on your taste. For deep thinkers and creative types the usual musical (sometimes unusual) choice would be the classical symphonic geniuses such as Johann Sebastian Bach or Ludwig van Beethoven. The beautiful classical instruments for some, inspires the gates of creativity to burst out of dormancy to produce the greatest work yet. But just like a thumb print music is a unique identity, so explore the music world. Here is a bit of inspiration, an hour of soothing Cello

A friend indeed! We all have to deal with the office dragons or those annoying hanger ons who insist on pulling you into the negativity pool. Negativity is like a disease; it eats away at your soul and poisons you with the dark matter of hate. Stop right now! Stop listening and detach yourself from such people. To succeed in your work place make sure you have a strong group of friends that will support you without the tongue lashings. You probably feel you will be better off without a friend circle but let’s face it, you see more of your colleagues more then you see your mum. At least make the effort but keep in mind, this is a work place and not a beach party, keep it professional!

Last piece of the puzzle (Feng Shui)

This is the end, the last piece of advice to take with you on the journey of happiness. Be yourself, and organise your desk. Keep it minimal and peaceful; let a piece of your personality adorn your space to make you feel more at home, the ancient Chinese folk came up with the great idea of Feng Sui, an ancient art and science developed over 3000 years that practices universal energy to flow in healing and harmonizing patterns through the human body and our spaces. Feng means ‘wind’ and Shui means ‘water.’ With the use of warm colours, pot plants and clean lines you can turn your desk from maniacal mess into serene and functional environment. Watch this helpful video on how to feng shui your office or home.

The key to unlock happiness is you. As long as you know your direction and know what you want in life only then can you begin the process of unlocking the secrets of a happier life at work or in life as a whole. So embrace that smile, enjoy a silly joke. Success starts with a great attitude!

How happy do you think you are at work?

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