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Upcoming trends in the telecom industry to watch out for, as a job seeker!

Updated on March 30, 2015

The telecom industry in developed and developing nations is one of the fastest growing industries. With the increase in the population which accesses the Internet, it is of vital importance for telecom operators to enhance their infrastructure and ramp-up their workforce.

Hence, as telecom operators are looking forward to enhancing their network infrastructure, building presence in rural areas and other geographies, there has been a considerable rise in number of job openings for telecom professionals.

Nonetheless, to score an employment in the telecom sectors, it is of prime importance for you to know the current trends or the areas or domains, where telecom operators are concentrating their efforts, so that you can align your job search keeping in mind the current trends to make you a successful hire.

So here are the current industry trends which would impact your candidature only if you devise an approach to making an impression on the hiring manager, to judge you as a resource who can fill the talent gap faced by a telecom operator.

Projected trends in the industry

These forecasts are from the report “Five Trends to watch in Telecom during 2015” created by PwC. As per the reports, the five industry trends are:

LTE to be introduced in the Indian markets: Indian operators are rolling out 4G LTE on 1800 Mhz spectrum, that will feed the rising demand for high-bandwidth data. The report has a projection that, 4G LTE subscribers will grow to 15 Billion by December 2015.

Smart Cities: The Indian government is aiming towards building smart cities, where every element of the society would be connected to the Internet, along with Free public Wi-Fi access.

Internet of Things: Internet of Things, which has been introduced in some niche segments such as fitness monitors, smart watched and internet-enabled eyeglasses. Providing network access and security in an application would be the primary concern of network providers and product developers.

Unconventional data monetization: Considering the currently increasing divergence between data revenues and costs companies will create unconventional monetization options, in 2015. This will enable operators to provide differentiated network experience, as well as nurture the extended ecosystem.


Bridging the talent gap

The projected trends by PwC in the domain of telecommunication shall widen the talent gap faced by telecom operators, and if you can fill the gap, there is nothing like it as far as your career is concerned.

Developing the skills that revolve around LTE, Wi-Fi technology and Internet of things, hold the key to gain an access to roles that would cater to the trends.

Acquiring the skills associated with the pertaining domains could be easily done, provided you employ the right approach. Seeking guidance or mentorship of a seasoned professional will help you strengthen your weak areas, connecting to industry leaders throughout the globe will allow you to absorb the nuances of the new technologies which would be brought in, attending seminars, conferences, summits would help you understand the transition in detail.

Current Hiring Trends

A recent survey conducted by a job site has the findings that hiring activity rose by 8.55% in February, on a year-on-year basis. The rise in hiring activity was reported to be highest in skill-driven sectors like Telecom and IT, where, Telecom emerged as the leader. The upturn in growth has also been witnessed month-on-month.

As per a recent study by CRISIL, there will be greater demand for domain-specific skill-set and expertise, as a consequence of which telecom jobs aspirants or others associated with technology driven industries would need to absorb new skills and be ready for the future.


If you wish to go back to classroom learning for telecom skills

The Indian telecom industry is all set to emerge as the second largest telecom industry in the world. With new technologies and gadgets, the industry is still facing a shortfall of 2,75,000 professionals to help it reach its standing. But with the introduction of new technologies and ever increasing user base, the industry faces a wide skills gap.

To bridge the talent gap faced by the industry, Rajasthan Institute of Engineering & Technology (RIET) in collaboration with the Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) has devised a curriculum that will impart soft skills including; verbal, non-verbal, as well as technical skills, to bridge the gap and enhance the future potential of a job seeker.

Those with non-technical education and skills

Since the industry is growing on a daily basis with ever-expanding user base, operators will have to increase their headcounts for the domains of marketing, sales, customer service and back-end operations, which is a ray of hope for those without a technical degree and are looking forward to establish their career in the telecom industry.

Fresh graduates can seek entry-level positions in the domains of marketing, sales, customer service, and back-end operations. The skills required for these roles include:

- Communication skills,

- Technology friendliness,

- Proactive listening,

- Time Management,

- Analytical Ability,

- Convincing skills.

So these are the skills, that would help you find an entry-level spot in telecom jobs. As you move ahead with the increase in number of years, you should identify the skills that would help you level up your position in your organization.

The medium to find telecom jobs

Internet is the tool which solves various real world problems, and for job seekers there is wide range of job sites that help them get discovered by organizations, recruiters and hiring managers. However, employing the right approach to hunting for a job, is the basic requirement.

First of all, create a resume after going through the job description with a job opening, craft your resume aligned with the job description, that will help recruiter identify you as a job seeker, who would add extreme value.

Secondly, use targeted keywords to search for the kind of job you are looking for, make use of filters to further narrow down your search based on experience, job location, functional area et cetera, that will help you obtain openings from the database that suits your educational qualifications and career interests.

Once you have retrieved the openings of your choice, apply for a couple of them to elevate your chances of being interviewed for a telecom job.


Considering the forecasts in the report,”Five Trends to watch in Telecom during 2015” by PwC telecom jobs in several sub-domains of will surface for those who can acquire new skills and develop an expertise in new technologies, networking methodologies, and hardware.

Apart from technical roles, the ever increasing user base has always given rise to jobs in sales, marketing, and operations; to cater to the large subscribers base. Telecom jobs are present in other sectors that provide infrastructural support to telecom operators.

Once such domain is Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS), this is a forward-looking sub-domain where professionals from the domain of engineering and management are highly sought after. Companies from this domain provide create mobile content, design contests for customer engagement, some players have now entered the mobile app development space and are finding new avenues to generate revenues.

This MVAS territory is for those who want to associate themselves with the telecom industry and have a knack to build or create products or services for mobile subscribers. As new technologies are emerging, which will lay down a path for endless possibilities.

To cut the fluff, Indian telecom industry has undergone mammoth growth over a shorter period of time. Hence, the opportunities emerging from this industry are aligned with the growth of the industry, so a telecom professional you will also witness an upward rise in your earning potential, job scope and access to job opportunities in the future, as companies are aiming to level up their game.

Know about LTE


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