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Use Craigslist, Trovit, and Other Classifieds to Drive Traffic to your website

Updated on December 14, 2016

Free Internet Advertising Using Classifieds Online

There are a lot of different ways to drive free traffic to your website or websites. I'm going to talk about one such method, online classified advertising. Online classified advertising is a popular method of internet marketing. Not only does it drive traffic but it creates backlinks. For more about back links, visit this hub.

Craigslist is probably the most popular classifieds web site. Internet marketing with craiglist can be done maunally but it's a very time consuming process. The act of using craigslist to post ads is called craigslisting. There are programs out there that will post your classified ad or ads online in different cities and countries all around the world. Since I haven't used any such programs to drive website traffic I'm not going to recommend any programs or go into detail. If you can make any suggestions or provide any input, please do so in the comments box.

In this hub I'm going to tell you how to integrate Trovit, a classifieds search engine, to your site easily and effectively for free traffic. Trovit is an online classifieds search engine which is separated into catagories including jobs, cars, homes, and products, depending where you're marketing your ads to. Online classifieds are also a great way to get free advertising for affiliate programs that you participate in. So, whatever your reason for considering online classified advertising, this is a good place to begin.

Using Trovit to market your website is a lesser explored avenue in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and, once you get it going, it's one of the easiest methods to maintain.

Free website traffic with classified ads online
Free website traffic with classified ads online | Source

Things to Remember When Using Classifieds for Traffic

There are some things you should know about using online classified ads before I explain how to add your site's ads to the Trovit search Engine.

First and foremost, you need a website which allows you to to add an xml page to your site. So, while you can advertise your blogs and hubs, you'll probably need to do it through another website which allows you to upload and view pages online.

The next important thing is that you've got target your ads. If you're trying to advertise a site about health put your ads in the health section. Easy enough, right? Still, it's important because spam will be deleted or simply won't be published.

Also, when submitting your ads you cannot submit the same ad multiple times. This will automatically direct your classified ads to the spam box.

Finally, check keywords. This advice is great for any online marketing campaign. Anytime you venture into the world of website marketing use tools like Google Keywords to see what works and what doesn't. For example, when planning this hub, I found that craig s list is a popular search term. I guess people type in Craig's List and the Google sees that as craig s list. Anyway, do your homework. More about using keywords and the Google keywords tool here:

How to Post Your Classified Ads to Trovit

Adding your classified ads to Trovit is quite simple. Begin by deciding what category you want to advertise in. As mentioned before Trovit is limited to cars, homes, jobs, and products. Your ad must have different fields depending on what you want to advertise.
The Trovit web site explains which fields are required for each country and catagory.

Let's assume you want to ad job ads to the Trovit search engine. Let's also assume that you're creating these files through Microsoft Excel.

  • Start by creating a new excel file with this tag at the top of the page: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  • Now add the site name, in brackets, to the file: <trovit>
  • Next add the ad tag: <ad>
  • Next add the required fields with data you want to put online and close the tag:
  • Next close your ad tag: </ad>
  • From here you can repeat the process with different classified ads.
  • When you've created all of your ads you need to close the Trovit tag: </trovit>
  • Your final coding should look something like this:
  • <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <title><![CDATA[SEO Engineer]]></title>
        <content><![CDATA[We are looking for an SEO engineer with experience in website marketing in the consumer goods industry.]]></content>
        <city_area><![CDATA[Victory Park Area]]></city_area>
        <company><![CDATA[Cool This Week]]></company>
        <experience><![CDATA[at least two years]]></experience>
        <requirements><![CDATA[Degree in I.T., Russian Language, Russian work permit]]></requirements>
        <studies><![CDATA[Multimedia Degree or postgraduate studies]]></studies>
  • Now that you've created your classified ad you need to make it an xml file. To do this go to 'File' and choose 'Save as' and in the drop down menu choose '.xml'
  • Now that you have your xml file you're going to want to ensure that it's correct. You can do this by using the 'Trovit Validator' from their website. I've provided a link above. The validator is a java based program so it's both Windows and Mac friendly.
  • Now that you've got your xml file you need to post it online. I can't provide any detailed information about this step in the process because it varies depending whether you're using an online site builder, hand coding, using a text editor, using a program like dreamweaver, etc.
  • Once the page is online and you've verified that you can view it you simply need to submit the site to Trovit through their contact form.

Once Trovit has received your classified ad or classified ads submission they usually appear in Trovit search results within hours.

My Experience with Trovit

I work in Moscow, Russia. My job is a recruiter and since I added trovit jobs to my site we've had massive amounts of traffic. I haven't experiement with advertising affiliate products with online classified ads, but I'll update this section if I do.

I hope this hub helped you and I'd appreciate any feedback or further information.

Other Online Classifieds Which can be Used to Obtain Free Traffic

While this system cannot be applied to Craigslist, I still recommed using this site for online marketing. It's popularity and ease of use makes it a great tool.

You can submit mass ads to these sites using a process similar to the one described above:



Google Base


Oodle and OLX and Google Base accept csv files. ccv files are Excel database files/
Trovit & Yakaz only accept XML files. All of these sites accept xml files. So, I recommed using a program like dreamweaver to simplify the xml files creation process.

You can check each site for details related to putting your ads online in their database.


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    • profile image

      Patrick 2 years ago

      Use this website to post all your ads on ,it is user friendly and works great and you get fast sales.

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      Johna651 3 years ago

      I conceive you have remarked some very interesting points , regards for the post. decffaegbgbf

    • Jay Lamptey profile image

      Jay Lamptey 4 years ago from London

      i guess the question is is it possible to provide an xml feed to craig's list, i know you can post manually. Also can you recommend any other sites to submit xml feed for getting traffic?

      Many Thanks

    • danmit profile image

      danmit 4 years ago from Moscow, Russia

      Hello Jay,

      The trovit integration doesn't post to craig's list, unfortunately. In addition to manually posting your ads to all relevant craigslist regions, there are programs available to save you the time that you'd need to spend manually posting but I do not have experience with them. I was told that you can buy the programs for big money or pay someone to post the ads for you for less. I hope that helps.


    • Jay Lamptey profile image

      Jay Lamptey 4 years ago from London

      This is great i have completed the Trovit, buy how do you add to craigslist?


    • backonthemarket profile image

      backonthemarket 6 years ago from South Carolina

      very useful, thanks.. Becky

    • suncat profile image

      suncat 6 years ago

      very nicely written, good and informative.

      Looks like a fun thing to do too :>)

      Who wouldn't like some coding on a weekend, in your backyard or on the beach equipped with a netbook, just relax and code away ) )

    • weatherdictionary profile image

      weatherdictionary 6 years ago from Delaware

      Very useful and detailed. Thanks!

    • Rooskaya profile image

      Rooskaya 6 years ago from Russia

      Thanks.A techno oriented hub for the newbies,voted up and marked as useful.

    • LeisureLife profile image

      LeisureLife 6 years ago from USA

      interesting, thanks!