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Use Flip Mino HD Camera to Market Your Business

Updated on September 28, 2009

Flip Mino HD

Flip Mino HD
Flip Mino HD

Small Business Needs the Flip Mino HD

If you run a business, and have a website, the Flip Mino HD can be a very useful tool to help you get your marketing message distributed to a wide audience.

The pocket sized Flip Mino HD is small in size, but big in possibilities. Using the Flip Mino HD, you can easily create marketing content, be it demonstrations of your products or services, testimonials of satisfied customers, or simply you delivering your sales message.

Since the Flip Mino HD is convenient to carry, you never have to miss an opportunity to capture video content that can then be uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube. Once your video is on YouTube, you fave instant access to the Google distribution system that can allow your message to be seen anywhere in the world at no charge.

The Flip Mino HD is easy to operate, simply point the camera toward your subject, line up your shot using the LCD viewing screen, and press the button on the back of the camera. The camera takes up to one hour of high definition 1280 by 720p video. Once you've captured your video, the camera's integrated USB connector "flips out" to allow you to quickly connect the camera to your computer for editing and uploading to a video sharing site.

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