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Use a Facebook Official Page to Grow your Business

Updated on July 6, 2010

Use a Facebook Official Page to Grow your Business

One of the ways to grow your business using social media marketing is to build a Facebook Official Page. These Facebook pages that you can build for your business - outside of a profile page that you never want to use for your business - can be invaluable.  A Facebook official page can almost serve as a microsite of sorts. Not only can you post articles and content, you can develop links for your blogsite or website, photos, video and podcasts.

It used to be called a Facebook “fan page” because people become a “fan” of the page and that’s how people referred to it. It’s also been called a “business page” since so many are using it for their businesses these days. An “Official Page” is the name it’s called when you sign up for it on Facebook.

In your business you can build one or two or as many pages as you’d like. Your pages can be directly related to your business, and named for it, and you can also build more social pages that have more fun names and are related to your hobbies. For example, if you are a real estate agent, you can have “Your Name Real Estate” for your Facebook official page. Then you can have a page named “Great Places to Eat in (city where your business is located)” or “Where to Find Bargains in (city).” Update your pages regularly with quality content so your fans remain interested.

When you’ve developed your Facebook official page, you’ll want to promote it to all of your friends and request that they check it out. Once you have 25 fans, or people who indicate that they “like” it, you will earn a unique URL for the page that you can place on your business cards, all your flyers and any other business promotional materials. A Facebook official page is free and easy to set up, so build one today and start using social media marketing!


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