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Using AdWords to Launch Your Site

Updated on August 8, 2012
Google AdWords is an effective way to launch a web site
Google AdWords is an effective way to launch a web site

How writers can instantly launch their site with the power of PPC

As a writer launching a site you primary concern will likely be traffic generation. As a web publisher, there is nothing more difficult than establishing your brand building traffic among the vast expanse of the web. There is however an alternative to sitting idly by while you wait for you pages to index. To generate immediate traffic, you can simply begin running ads in the Google AdWords network.

Why Would You Pay for Traffic?

There will be those who read this hub and take exception to paying for traffic, but there is clearly value in accessing readers as soon as possible. First, if you build a comments section in your site, you will immediately be able to have other help build the content of your site. The more folks that comment, the more information Google can access. Second, as a writer, you will be encouraged by actually having readers. It can be discouraging to build and write content for several pages, only to discover that no one has visited your site. By accessing traffic immediately, you can get feedback from readers, and you will find encouragement in the fact that you actually have an audience. Third, provided you write engaging continent, you will begin to build links into your site. The Google algorithm loves links. The more others link to your site, the faster you will improve your page rank. Fourth, you can immediately begin to monetize your site. While it can be difficult to cover the costs of AdWords simply through add revenue, you should be able to generate some income to offset your costs. You can also add your own products, or link to affiliates and generate additional revenue. Again, you may not cover you full AdWords bill, but you can certainly contain those costs with these offsetting revenue sources.

How Does this Actually Work?

Now that you understand the why of using AdWords for your site launch, let’s talk about the how. For beginners, AdWords allows advertisers to bid for the delivery of ads for specific key words. If, for example, my site was geared around raising wolf cubs, I might bid for the key word “wolf cub breeders” (I’m not suggesting you raise wolf cubs, but let’s just go with it of illustrative purposes). I know that I have a budget of $30 for the month, and I would like to get as much traffic as possible, so I will bid $.07 for each person that clicks my advertisement. Google will then provide you with an estimation of how far your ad will be placed for that key word. For our discussion, let’s imagine that I receive a placement estimate that puts me well back on the list. I know that I don’t want to pay more than the $30 per month, and I know I want to maximize my traffic, so maybe “wolf cub breeders” isn’t going to generate the traffic I need. Clearly we need to take a different approach.

With our $30 budget burning a hole in our virtual pocket, let take a look at chasing the long tail of potential key words. This simply means that you dive deeper into potential key words that may not have as much traffic, but also will have cheaper PPC rates. The more long tail key words you find, the greater your overall traffic will be. For my sites, I pay an average of $.06 per click, mainly be using an expansive list of long tail key words. For our example we will leave our bid for “wolf cub breeder” just in case the competition changes and our bid moves up the list, but we will add two new key words. Out two long tails words are “wolf cub breeders in Atlanta” and “wolf puppies.” Now we bid the same $.07 rate per click, and we discover that Google estimates our placement to be in the top 3 for those key words. This is the sweet spot we are looking for. Form here we simply expand our key word list and drive traffic at the very reasonable rate of $.07 per click (or less). With that, you have taken your first step in building your sites traffic, and starting your life as a new web publisher.

Look for future hubs to cover these ideas in greater detail.

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Using AdWords for your site

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