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Using SEO On Blogs For Sales

Updated on November 8, 2012

Person writing.

Blogging for Profit

Your Blog is the perfect place to test Search Engine Optimization techniques to see what works. Since the goal is to increase your sales SEO lets you target into those long tailed keywords and even images to see what is working.

If you have your Blog set up to measure the number of hits to a particular page, you will easily be able to see which topics are of the most interest. Setting up a landing page that will show you the number of clicks you are getting from your blog helps your SEO efforts as well. If you are getting a lot of hits from a post that uses a particular keyword or group of key words another post along those lines would be beneficial.

Blogs are perfect for providing fresh content on a regular basis. That content when properly optimized will bring in readers who will be potential customers. Providing tidbits of information that they can use today will keep readers coming back.

When I use good SEO techniques is naturally attracts more customers. As spiders crawl your content and categorize it your Blog will raise in the search engine rankings. This is a short and long term technique that I use towards generating more sales. A lot of good optimized content is attractive to the search engines. Current well optimized content is also attractive.

There are several attractions to using Search Engine Optimization. One of those attractions is that once I learned to do it, it was easy for me to do, almost automatic. It also does not cost me anything extra to do. Although adding images to my blog posts take a little more time, it also has given me even more ways to employ SEO techniques. This is also particularly helpful to my customers who have disabilities and use image text on a regular basis.

Using the keywords in a natural way is probably the hardest part of SEO and the most likely to lead to sales. When I am able to include keywords without the reader even realizing it, I am leading they to and through my sales funnel. I am sparking questions in their mind which leads them to my sales funnel.

If my goal is to move someone from my Blog to my website Search Engine Optimization helps with that too. It certainly gets more clicks when I my blog and my website are on the first page of the search engine.


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    • ktrapp profile image

      Kristin Trapp 5 years ago from Illinois

      All good and helpful advice. I also like to follow up using Google's Webmaster tools to see people's real search queries that are related to posts I have already written. It's a great way to get ideas and ones that you know people are looking for.