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Using Social Intelligence In Your Digital Fishbowl: Employers Do Google!

Updated on March 13, 2011

 Do you know how you appear to others, or, more importantly, to a potential employer? Have you, in the past, said some pretty lame things, acted like an embarrassment to others, been racist in remarks or political views, said discriminatory things online in your Facebook, MySpace or Twitter social media forums?

You do know that most things on the Internet, even though it might appear to be deleted, still lingers somewhere? Things you posted at age 15, could haunt your job hunt when you are 25? The Internet is public and the old saying that one should not post material online that would embarrass or are libelous, should not be posted. Posting these items, even if innocent at the time, will forever and ever, be available to those who are looking.

If you are still one of the 12 million unemployed adults that have been going on interviews and have the requisite skills for a gig, yet, you are not getting it, consider "googling" yourself to see what an employer may get also. Assuming that your references are good, most employers today will take time to quickly see what kind of profile you have online. See what kind of person you REALLY are, because, after all, everyone is on their best behavior in the interview!

There many job seekers that have great skills, good interviews, good personality, yet going nowhere. Maybe, just maybe, a prospective employer found something you said or did recently or years ago that was a turn off. Maybe you had some raunchy, sex filled tweets about some dude or babe intended for your BFF only. Think again. Maybe, five years ago, you ranted about an injustice when a former employer shafted you and you sought revenge-online. Oops! Maybe, you or someone else, took a compromising photo that is embarrassing, three years ago and posted it on Facebook or MySpace. innocent, yes. Damaging? so real. Did you complain online about some medical condition you had? About your sexual orientation?

Now, employers can use a really deep scrubbing mining tool to see about a potential employee by going to: Just Googling to see what pops up from Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace, is 1st grade stuff. Social Intelligence is a deep mining scrubber that digs much deeper into the Internet to find things about you. It digs into billions of webpages and private databases that are NOT for the public viewing. These are often located at universities, government and private organizations.

Even if you are employed, know that many companies use companies like Social intelligence to monitor the employee's comments and activities on social media sites for those talking about proprietary company information and criminal activity, let alone, surfing the Internet while at work.

Your online activities are now Big Brother's business and what you do online may make or break you offline.


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