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Using Twitter To Expand Your Business

Updated on November 10, 2014

Twitter And Your Business


Internet technology has changed almost everything in life today. For businesses especially, the internet has opened new channels for making more money, profits and expanding businesses. There are many businesses that thanks to the internet have not gone under despite the current economic and global developmental challenges. Social networks such as Twitter have gone even further giving small businesses access to millions of members for their markets. The ready markets and fertile advertisement grounds have gone a long way to promote certain products. There are individuals who have used Twitter to successfully promote and develop their businesses. The success has been so much such that, even the majority of companies and businesses are now using social networks as their sole tool for marketing and building their businesses. There have been seminars and conferences designed to give businesses the tools and necessary equipment to be successful and grow through social networks such as Twitter. The tools and techniques of becoming successful in business are not so technical or difficult to understand, they are actually quite the opposite simple and in some cases entertaining. Anyone can have access to Twitter, and this is what makes it a viable and common tool for promoting your business. As a business owner, if you have not yet tapped into the Twitter marketing and promotion, here are some of the tools and techniques that you can use to make your business even more of a success. By using the tools and techniques below, your success as a business on Twitter will be pretty much guaranteed.

Twitter And Strategy

The first and most import strategy, is in the building of a Twitter plan and generating of a target population. As a company you cannot just advertise to anyone, you need to know who you are targeting. The target population normally gives an idea on the design and specifications that you may need to consider when formulating an entry strategy into the social media. Growth in the social media is mainly through marketing, therefore who are you hoping to reach with the advertisements of your company? And what are the specific needs of your business that you hope to meet through Twitter? For example are you hoping to increase sales by increasing loyal customers or by making new clients? If you are hoping to continue working with loyal clients who already know the business, then the need for updates and detailed information with regard to your business will be more favorable. Loyal customers want to know more about new products, new services and more news with regard to the company they love. For the new clients however, updates and news are not important. For all companies it is important to also generate a customer care base on the twitter profile. There are companies that have generated much income by offering customers a place to interact and also receive customer care on the Twitter social network. Clients can chat with other product users and the staff to solve their problems and issues they may be having with regard to the company.

Twitter offers you an easy and cheap way to conduct surveys through listening tools. Once you have offered clients and new customers a forum through which they can interact, you can also create a profile for your product followers, where tweeters can gain access to the different chats through your links. Following the chats is an easy way to understand the effect of your company and the products you are offering in the market. For example if you have introduced a new service or product, you can either ask directly the customers to share their views on your Twitter page or discuss the merits and demerits of the product on the same page with other fellow users. Many businesses find surveys to be time consuming and costly. Not only do you need to print quite a large number of questionnaires, you also need to hire extra personnel to distribute them and gather the required information. Sometimes you may also need to hire professionals to interpret the data you have gathered. This is quite a costly process that often leaves businesses with more information than they can handle or interpret. On the other hand, by using twitter you get access to the real feelings of the customers, in a cheap manner that will rarely cost your business anything at all. The information posted on Twitter does not require a professional to interpret but can actually be used as a representative of the market.


Many companies do not consider the content they are posting on Twitter and the people to whom they are posting this content. Therefore in most cases, the companies end up posting annoying advertisements to people who are not interested and thereby doing more damage than good when it comes to creating an advertisement. It is important to note that Twitters could gather up and form groups against your advertisements and therefore inadvertly destroy whatever market and base you have set up for yourself. To avoid this, it is important to conduct a constructive research into the advertisement you are placing, the information you are putting on your message boards and the invitations you are sending to followers. Ensure that the content meets the requirements of the fellow tweeters, is not offending to your followers and generates more positive feeling than negative comments. For everything posted on your company’s Twitter profile that generates negativity, be ready to defend yourself or remove said incriminating information before it does any damage. Remember that negative and unbecoming information on Twitter can do more damage in a second than in any other form of media. For this reason, every company using Twitter to expand should ensure they have a means to track the information flowing into the Twitter constantly and in time to remove offending and negative data. Your companies Twitter page should be a place where people can interact and find good information with regard to the products and services your company offers.


Some companies have actually gone as far as offering tracking services for their followers. In this case customers purchase or place orders through the company profile on Twitter. The customers are then given a link through which they can track the process via Twitter. The clients can see how far their order and delivery has come and how far they would have to wait. This is the best customer care service companies can offer, yet it costs very little to set up. Clients feel they are more in touch with the company and are therefore more likely to place more orders.

For small businesses, Small companies Twitter is the best marketing and promotion tool available for low costs and less hustle possible. Millions access the site and therefore your company name and products will be easy to access with your message reaching many more. The more people who know your company the more products and services you are able to provide and sell, thereby making more income and growing faster. In addition, Twitters are all over the world therefore your products and services will reach the international markets. Small businesses and companies have actually become international corporations through Twitter. The important thing to note is that Twitter is like any other investment to your company’s promotion only it costs very little or nothing at all. Research is important to identify the target of your Twitter messages and how you can present them.


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  • Seeker7 profile image

    Helen Murphy Howell 

    8 years ago from Fife, Scotland


    Great hub with superb information. Have book-marked it for future reference, especially as Twitter is still a wee bit of a mystery to me. Many thanks for sharing!

  • viking305 profile image

    L M Reid 

    8 years ago from Ireland

    Yes the internet and all its uses is truly a fantastic invention. I honestly do not know what I did before the internet and Google. Very interesting hub about Twitter.


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