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Using creative skills in your organization

Updated on April 3, 2015

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The use of creative thinking helps to produce new angles on the problem


Effective planning, whether for:

Personal matters



Relies on through thinking and examination of the proposal; no restrictions should be placed on the process.

Creative may have been considered in the past to be the work of the marketing or the research and development department only; that is no so. Every department in an organization needs new ideas; every sphere benefits from the greater depth of thought that creative thinking brings to problems. It can be useful in the following situations:

Decision making: creative thinking is open ended and thus might be taught to be out of place in a decision –making process. Its uses are:

*setting goals and objectives: - since they need to be as effective and well thought out as possible.

*generating courses of action, from which to select the best or most appropriate course of action.

*inserting pauses, which helping the thinker think anew.

Problem solving: problem solving is the recognition of a change situation. Something has to be done or changed to make the situation better. There is a need for change. Change too is the statement of a problem; the desire for change, once analysed, may identify a problem that is causing the longing for change.

Creative thinking is the thinking technique of change:

*before making any attempt to tackle the problem, creative thinking can be used to make a list of possible approaches to the problem.

*when a problem has proved impossible to solve with ordinary logical thinking methods, the use of creative thinking helps to produce new angles on the problem.


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