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Using democracy to hire workers

Updated on June 5, 2012

Workers should be able to vote to decide if new employees are hired.

A while ago, the company I work for hired a new man, and the guy they hired looked looked like he was from another planet. He had tattoos all over his arms, he was wearing crazy-looking clothes, he looked like a nut. He looked like he was ready to go onstage with a punk-rock band. I sat there wondering, why did they hire this idiot? The workers at companies today have no input in the hiring process. In the future, workers should have the right to vote on hiring issues.

When a new person applies for a job at a company, the workers at that company should be able to vote to decide on whether or not he'll be hired. The job applicant should be referred to as the job candidate, just like a candidate in an election. When a new person comes in and asks for a job, the company should schedule an election. The job candidate would have to opportunity to speak to the workers, and tell them why he thinks he should be hired. He can show his resume, and tell a little about himself. If any of the workers have any questions for him, they can ask him questions. His campaign may go on for about five or ten minutes. After his campaign, the workers vote on whether or not he should be hired. If they majority of the workers vote yes,then he'll be hired. If the majority of the workers vote no, then he will not be hired. The company's management will have the right to veto the election results.

If two job candidates are seeking the same job, they would be allowed to campaign against each other. For example, suppose two candidates arrived at a company, and they are both seeking the same job as a forklift driver. One candidate may tell the workers, "I am an experienced forklift driver, I have six years experience." The other candidate may counter by saying, " I have twelve years experience driving a forklift,vote for me." The workers will probably vote for the candidate with twelve years experience, because he appears to be more capable of doing the job.

This idea will introduce an element of democracy into the workplace. It will help companies, because they can get better workers, this way, since it makes the hiring process more competitive. It will improve relations between workers and their companies, and it will help put an end to the alienation that divides workers.


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