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Using technology saves money

Updated on February 21, 2014

Technology has become a new way to help save money. One of the biggest roles played in helping you do so, is on your monthly cellular bill. The average American is paying way too much. If I could help you save money, would you take the money saved and make an investment in your future?

There are other things in life that are worth planning for. Such as, just in case something happens savings fund. This is an account that can be used for emergencies that may arise which are unplanned life situations.

With this type of savings, you could prepare for the future without the headache of worrying rather the money is available to handle the situation. Now, let me show how to save some money.

Turning your prize possession into something more useful

Wish you could have unlimited talk and text without having to pay an arm and leg on a monthly bill? This could all be possible. With technology becoming as advance as it has only makes life that much easier.

Take the iPad for instance. Did you know that you can save money on your monthly phone bill by turning your iPad into a cell phone? Having an smartphone yields a monthly payment with major networks like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Tmobile anywhere from 70-100 plus dollars a month. What if you could cut that in half?

Its possible with the iPad. Its better to have the iPad with the cellular data on it because you will be able to use the phone application at you own leisure. If you had wifi only, then you would only be able to use it at the thousands of places available with wifi. This is not a bad ideal either, but it’s better with cellular data. The best part about it, you can keep your major phone carrier to purchase the data or you could go to some of the others carriers like Metropcs, Virgin mobile, Boost mobile and so forth. This could be a very difficult transition at first, but once you get used to not having to pay such a high phone bill, you'll find the adjustment rewarding.

Let the savings begin

I stumbled onto this ideal because one day I forgot my cell phone at home and the light bulb went off and the ideal to use my IPad came to mind. I went to the app store on my IPad to download the application and was able to send and receive text, make phone calls, and use the internet under wifi, and thought; is there a way to do this on a more permanent basis? Yes, everywhere you go there is wifi; McDonald's, Sonic drive-in, IHop (International House of Pancakes), schools, libraries, and guess what; its free. Thinking about it, well here are the steps to savings.

First, you have to download the google voice app. Google voice will allow you the opportunity to create an account where you can either port your existing number or choose an available number through them. Complete the process of creating your account if you don't already have one. You could also use google voice, however, not every call will be free.

Secondly, download the application Talktone to your device. Go to your settings on the Talktone application and add your google voice information and you will be able to talk and text unlimitedly. Your web surfing ability will be based on the data package you choose, or not. If Wifi is fine with you, then have free service. Meaning, free wifi use, and unlimited talk and text. Its based on you and your budget.

If Choosing to use Cellular Data, here are some of the more reasonably priced plans. Seeing that the average American uses about 2.0GB monthly; Tmobile 2.5GB plan will cost $30.00 a month. AT&T 3GB plan will cost $30.00 a month. Finally, Sprint 3GB plan will cost $34.99 a month.

Thirty dollars still sound a lot better than one hundred dollars. With this type of savings, you could put it towards something useful. Plans are available at other vendors but these are the more reasonable. If your budget allows, you could up the plan at you own discretion. Overall, with jobs being scare and the market drying, saving money should be right up your alley.

Are you considering changing your iPad into a cell phone to save money?

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© 2014 Phelesha Hamilton


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