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Utilizing a One-Time Offer Script To Increase Profits

Updated on October 24, 2009

How to Set Up This Technological Script For Free

A one-time offer is a technique to increase the ultimate urgency to buy now in your customers or subscribers. Any website or list owner with a thank-you page can set up a technological but fairly simple PHP script and special sales letter to deploy their own one-time offers. This script will allow the page to come up only once on a particular computer.

If a visitor to your website tries to go back to that page by bookmarking or typing in the web address again, the script takes that visitor to a different page of your choice. And with a proper sales letter that effectively creates the urgency to buy now, it dramatically increases sales.

People involved in Internet marketing are well aware of these scripts, as many feel that they have become a bit overused. This is true in a sense, as they are a bit annoying after you see a few of them (they have been used for about 5 years now). But I have just started testing my own one-time offer and already made a sale the first day.

So I recommend them highly if you can create an enticing offer instead of the rehashed offers that so many are trying to make with their one-time offers. In other words, a one-time offer is not magic. It still needs to be an enticing offer just like anything else in business. An unappealing offer will not get good results no matter what old-fashioned or technology-based method you use.

But if you do have a good offer, then I recommend it because the pros clearly outweigh the cons. Few people would unsubscribe just because you presented them with a one-time offer. A few people fly off the handle at almost anything, but this would be like letting terrorists alter our way of life. You can't let a few idiots deter you from success, and the success here comes by way of increased sales.

In my testing with different offers, I have achieved around a 5% conversion with a whopping $200 product and a very good one-time offer, so it really boosts your profits in some cases. Of course, your results may vary, and it is wise to test until you get the ideal match for your subscribers.

With that said, I did some research and found a free one-time offer script and a surprisingly good instruction guide. I am not a tech-savvy person in the slightest, but I was able to set up this script on my website after a couple of problems. All in all, I still set it up in one day. I think you might find someone selling such a script, but I don't see the need to buy one. I have already tested and made a sale with this script and see no problem with it.

To get your free one-time offer script, just click and download. When you download it, it will come with a PDF guide that tells you how to set up what is called a MySQL database. This was the only confusing thing for me. I set up the database easily, but I put the wrong name when I edited the script according to the instructions in the PDF. If you are using a host similar to mine, make sure you know the exact name of the MySQL name and username and password.

For example, in my host, I did not know that they put my login username in front of the MySQL name. So if you set up a database and call it "oto," the whole name may not be "oto." Instead, it may be "yourusername_oto." At least that's how my host named the database, so just check for that if you have problems getting the script to work.

Why You Should Use This Even If You Have No Product

Most of us are new enough to know that it is not so easy getting your own product. In my experience, making a product is not so hard, but putting together an attractive website that will convert visitors to buyers is the hard part. At any rate, the point is if you are just an Internet marketer in affiliate marketing or MLM, you should still be using this script with your list.

And the way you use it is to set up a thank-you page in your autoresponder account. That thank-you page will be and will contain your one-time offer. The reason this is important is because a lot of subscribers who do subscribe will never open any more emails. Lots of people subscribe for many reasons, and trust me when I tell you that most people subscribe on a whim and aren't waiting with baited breath for all your emails.

So to try to counter this tendency for subscribers to disappear quickly, you want to use a one-time offer to try to make a sale right off the bat. This may be your only chance to make a sale to many of your subscribers who would otherwise disappear without reading any of your follow-up messages.

So to maximize your income with your list, you really should be using this free script even if you don't have your own product. I use it on my viral-marketing website, as even I don't even have my own paid product at this time.


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    • profile image

      Steve Colwell 6 years ago

      I would like thank you for providing this download I have wanted to implement a one time offer for a while now but was literate enough to understand php until recently and I am ecstatic about getting this up on my php designed website Profit King$ - Make Money Online! ASAP. Thanks again and look forward to seeing more from this site.

    • profile image

      Duchess OBlunt 8 years ago

      Good information Jimmy. I've done some reading on this subject and will stop by the link you provided. My guess is I will receive one of those thank you pages and offers as soon as I ask for the download. Correct?

      That's ok, I'd do the same if I had something to offer. I will read the information on this dpf. I may not use it right away but thank you for sharing this. Some good first hand experience too.

      Good hub