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VIdeo Marketing for Small Businesses

Updated on August 6, 2015

Why do video marketing?

Video marketing is one of the most essential parts of your marketing plan today. Statistics show that 65% of people people looking to make a buying decision do so after viewing a video about the topic they are researching. You should also do video marketing because it is the medium that people prefer when they are searching for information. Information drives sales and video drives traffic, especially targeted traffic that will increase your rate of conversions and sales. So video marketing should at least be at the center of your online marketing plan, to complement what you do with blog articles, your website, and social media.

How to Do Video Marketing Effectively

Video marketing can seem to be an elusive concept to some small businesses when they are not used to integrating this form of advertising into their normal online advertising campaigns. But, following a series of steps can take the guesswork out of video marketing and make it a normal part of what you do with your online ad campaigns.

Steps to a Great Video Marketing Plan

Now that you've decided to engage in a great video marketing plan, how do you carry it out effectively and get the results you want? To compete with big businesses, as well as other small or medium-sized businesses, you need to have a plan. This should include a strategic system of actions that will take your business to the forefront in the minds of viewers who are looking for your particular brand or product/services. In the online course Video Marketing for Small Businesses, you will learn a lot more about this process, how to do basic video production, and the strategic steps to take to bring you closer to your goals.

Digital Marketing Involves Video Marketing Integration with other Methods

In order to truly have a successful digital marketing campaign, you must remember that the heart of it is video marketing. Video marketing offers informational media which is also entertaining, and that means people are more likely to stay with your message longer. As an experiment, read this text that I am writing here, then afterwards, play the video the right of the message and see which you generally prefer. Though I am paid very highly for my content as a high-quality writer on several sites and even have some well-known (celebrity clients), video captures the attention longer and also is an easier way to get a message to large groups of people. Video is also more shareable which means it can be easily tied to your social media accounts and integrated with your other marketing plans.


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