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Ignorance of Ethical values in Corporate world

Updated on August 19, 2017

In this materialistic world, most of the things are is seen from the spectacles of consumerism. People want to have so much money as possible. For this purpose they use each and every trick, which can be legal or illegal, moral or immoral. In this race of money collection, this human being is going far from values and spirituality. As a result cases of fraud, murder, money laundering etc. is increasing day by day. Money is going to be explosion in modern world and human being is going to be a material, which uses and be used by other human being.

In this process the nature is also suffering. Pollution becomes inseparable part of many production activities. The main aim of many producers is profit maximization, for this purpose they are using each and every possible way. The modern fashion world is also a baby of this thought. “The model culture” is also developed to fulfill the same. In this way we the people are seeing and just seeing what is happening. We have no time to evaluate the changing world scenario from the point of view of morality.

In many exhibitions the half world is represented as a thing to be consumed. Women are treated as a flesh of body by many corporate bodies. In many cases the fairness of their body has become the need of some big as well as small scale industries. They do not want to see inside the body. They misinterpret the word professionalism. They define it as per their own requirement and make it as it is a religion to follow. If you are not professional as per their definition, you cannot survive in their industries. For girls, it became necessary to have externally beautiful body to be selected as an employee of their organization.

If this process moves on, a day will come when people will hardly believe in soul. Human being will be treated as machine. Since a machine does not have soul. They neither have sentiments, feeling nor emotional relationship. Relationship could be based on contract, and the need of partner will decide the life of relationship, the affection of mother and the emotional touch of father could be discarded. Many people will search a point of profit in relationship. At that time the books regarding morality and values could be seen in exhibition.

The model of "model culture" could play a dominant role on the existing culture of humanity. In this phase of social change the society could be converted into a rigid society where human being’s prime objective would be money, money, and money earning.

What is your opinion about this subject?

What is major cause for decline in moral values in corporate world?

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    • profile image

      ONESAPNA SINGH 3 years ago

      i too agree.its ill-practice

    • MASOOMSUDHIR profile image

      SUDHIR KUMAR 3 years ago from MAHARAJGANJ


    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 3 years ago from San Diego California

      I totally agree. Corporations have corrupted governments through their underhanded dealings and they have also corrupted the human soul. Nice hub.