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Varolo. Get Paid to Watch Ads?

Updated on May 1, 2011

Well, yes and no. Do I think it's a scam? No, definitely not. They will tell you upfront that you will not make a penny by watching ads alone. It's basically a good old-fashioned multi-level marketing or "pyramid scheme" but with a twist.

I don't feel it's a traditional MLM, because while you must build a "village" of recruits, no one pays a penny. That's what the advertisers are there for. I guess being a former advertising major might help me in understanding the heavy weight of the advertising dollar. Advertising is a machine. Everything in advertising breaks down to how many people you can reach per dollar spent. This is more and more important as we've become numb to most forms of advertising.

At Varolo you are not only giving your undivided attention to these ads, but you are providing a quick rating on the ad (so far I've run into two questions tops, mostly you will rate out of 5 stars and tell whether you're interested in the product or not). This is a dream come true for advertisers, not to mention they are only paying per ad viewed--a more recent breakthrough in advertising online introduced with "pay per click" advertising. This cuts out wasteful advertising dollars being spent on the wrong demographic or an inattentive audience. Needless to say, I'm sure they feel it's money well spent.

Now, like I said, Varolo explicitly states that you will not make money just by watching ads. You will need to find at least 10 people who are willing to do the same. The amount of time watching ads breaks down to about 70-90 minutes it seems, as your weekly requirement is 140 different ads. They have a compensation video you should watch and understand. You are making money when yourself and your direct line of sponsored individuals do your weekly ad watching.

I'm pretty interested in the concept myself, and always fascinated with new forms of advertising. My first thought was that eventually they would run out of money with more people coming in, but the more I thought about it, since your payment is based on your viewing, the advertisers will only welcome more willing viewers. I do think they might change their business model a bit if it explodes, maybe paying for your account? or they might take a percentage? I guess I'm still a little cautious, as most good things come to an end.


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