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Varun Manian’s brainchild, Radiance Realty is winning Tamil Nadu

Updated on August 11, 2016

Varun Manian is a third generation business visionary who is the MD of Radiance Realty Developers Ltd. Varun has been realising his vision in real estate since 2012 and already has geographical expansion on the cards. The business he has set up holds a few more corollary brands serving the same target audience. He has managed to establish himself on the basis of his own merit and credentials.

Varun hails from the very famous ‘Manian’ roots; he is born to Kishore Manian and Ranjini Manian. He also is blessed with a sister and the family is very closely knit. The family insists on dining in together where they share their day with each other over a meal. Varun’s father is a man of strong ethics and family values which got instilled in Varun as well. Kishore Manian has been the source of inspiration and the guiding light to Varun. He has always encouraged Varun to realise his dreams and gave him the wings to fly. Kishore has been instrumental in instilling morals that have sharpened Varun's business keenness and made him a better person.

Varun’s mother was occupied with the travel business and father was a pioneer of construction business in Chennai, naturally Varun grew up in a work charged environment. His parents believed in learning life experiences through travel and had yearly abroad trips planned which has helped Varun and his sister gain useful exposure.

Varun Manian studied in New York which has given him lifetime experiences where he grew up as a person. Luxury never spoilt the humble human being in him and he ensured he never needed domestic help for his survival. After his studies, he flew back to India to join the family development business and later he fanned out to begin his own ‘Radiance Group’.

Varun’s business acumen has a clear insight of affordable home development avenues under the Radiance brand. His vision has been laser sharp and thus, there has never been a space for any uncertainty. They are majorly targeting the middle segment of the society- affordable homes and have monetized the properties between 3,000 and Rs. 7,000 for each square feet.

Today, Radiance Realty is the most famous and trust worthy builder in Tamil Nadu and is planning on fanning out to abroad at much larger scale.


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