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Viddy for Social Media & Small Businesses

Updated on January 29, 2013

Viddy creates the ability to turn a moment into a movie. Being that it's a mere 15 second movie, some may wonder if this feature hinders the app's capabilities. Well, let's take a look at the attention span of the average American.

No, this doesn't hinder Viddy's capabilities. People are less inclined to read a three page, 1700 word article if there's a 500 word version with bright pictures and bulletined points. No matter what specific demographic you want to target, almost everyone's demographic shares one thing in common: a busy schedule, thus a need for instant gratification.

So. How can Viddy help you? More importantly, how can it help your business?

Viddy. What is it?

When I mention Viddy, the first question people ask is: "What's Viddy?"

Simply put, Viddy is a video application that allows you to capture a 15 second video, then upload and share it with your friends and followers. It's editing capabilities include music, filtering and special effects like graphics, color correction and and audio tracks. Many have compared it to Instagram and Twitter. So if you understand the dynamics of Instagram and Twitter, learning Viddy will be a breeze.

Viddy can be used for the Apple iPhone, iPad and Android.

Viddy for your Image

Facebook and Twitter are in an unspoken battle with image-based information sources like Pinterest and Youtube. Why? People love images. It's more exciting to watch a video of Britney Spears thanking her followers than to read it on her Facebook page. Images allow users to better connect with whom they're following. If you haven't heard this before, here's an important fact to to strengthen your business: establishing a relationship with your followers is just as important as establishing professional relationships. Viddy makes it easy and fun.

Katie Kouric is all business at work, but offers a softer side on Viddy that her followers can relate to and appreciate.

Singer and song writer, Taylor Swift, offers a peek into how she spent her day: on a boat with family and friends. And her followers can now share that moment with her.

Viddy and Small Businesses

How can Viddy help you? Well, in 15 seconds, you can:

  • Provide a look at your new products
  • Update customers on new web site or business changes
  • Tell your thoughts on these changes (excitement, apprehension, concern)
  • Upload videos that aren't business related-did you adopt a pet? Did you meet a celebrity? Tell your followers! They love this kind of personal connection. Of course, don't upload videos of everything that happens to you. Show the side you want people to see. And think long and hard about which side that is.
  • Upload giveaways
  • Show customer tutorials
  • Teaser clips. Create a collage of all your new products, or any image that has people coming back for more.

Download Viddy Today

Viddy can be utilized in so many fun, creative ways to promote your business. Millions of users are jumping on board, and if you haven't, do so today. It's a fairly new smartphone application-not much older than a year old. Start a video account now and create senior status. In time, even more users will sign up with Viddy, and if they like what you're offering, they'll follow your videos.

Viddy is free to download. What's stopping you?


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