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Video Marketing on the Internet

Updated on October 13, 2012

Video Production

Video production can be very expensive, so it's important that you put the video to good use for promoting your business. Video marketing was very expensive until internet video marketing came along, which is great for all of us, but unfortunately it still requires some know-how to market it successfully. In this article I will focus on some simple but very important steps for marketing your video on YouTube.

Using a video can help break the monotony of only using text or photos on a website. Not only that but it is great for getting your audience's attention and it's one of the best ways to explain your product or services quickly and effectively.

Obviously one of the first places to start with marketing your video online is to post it on all your social media websites. The first one to start with is YouTube. After the video is uploaded to YouTube click to watch the video and you will see a “Share” button just below the video. This will reveal a link that you can copy and paste onto a Twitter comment and you can paste that link on your facebook page and it will automatically embed the video. It's better to primarily have the video uploaded in one location and then make links to that video on all your social media websites. This creates “backlinks” which will help increase the ranking of that video in the search engines. Be sure to have as many people as possible that you know click the “Like” thumbs up button on YouTube. Many businesses fail to market their videos to their own employees which would really give the video a boost on the internet. This is important because the more thumbs up and views the video gets the more YouTube will push it up in the search results.

It's very important to have subscribers to your YouTube channel. The first reason being that it builds up an audience for any future videos you upload. The second reason is that this is also a factor that YouTube uses for the search rankings of your videos. Invite people to subscribe to your channel on facebook and Twitter and in the description below your video. Also, make sure you add “Tags” to your videos. You can do this be going to your “Video Manager” section on YouTube and then click on the “edit” button for your video. Phrases should be written inside quotes “here is an example” and single keywords only need to be typed with a space separating them. Use your company name and any words to accurately describe your video. The most important keywords should be used first.

Lastly make sure you write a great Title for your video. If possible use the keywords first for your video title. This does help with the search ranking,


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    • mackyi profile image

      I.W. McFarlane 4 years ago from Philadelphia

      Thanks for sharing this bit of information. You can also do video response, simply using your video to comment on videos addressing similar subjects to yours. Look for a video with a lot of viewers. Your video will be placed alongside that video with your positive comment. If the owner of the video you are commenting on accept your video response, each time viewers look on his/her video, your video is likely to be viewed also.

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