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Vintage Copper, A Green Building Business

Updated on October 23, 2010

Vintage Copper is an unassuming little business located in Salinas, Oklahoma. When it opened over three decades ago, there was no telling that it was going to become well known in its industry. However, that is exactly what’s happened. As the name suggests, this business specializes in copper products and it is now considered one of the premier architectural copper shops in the entire nation. This is due in large part to the fact that the copper products made here are all hand crafted by highly experienced craftsmen.

Vintage Copper was established by a leading copper craftsman that has trained numerous other people in the industry. He has worked on projects as small as individual homes and as large as the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. There are only three different workers crafting the products produced by this company.

Copper is a popular product among people interested in green home building because of the fact that it’s a long-lasting and durable natural material that can often be purchased in recycled form. This small business specializes in making copper building material for the exterior of the home. Most, if not all, of Vintage Copper’s products are on or near the roof of the home. For example, we build cupolas, filials, vents, chimney caps, and guttering. The company’s managing partner, Jim Bryant, reports that he became interested in these products after first being exposed to them because they are truly unique from other products available out there. This was something that he took a lot of pride in and something that sets the company apart from other roofing material companies in the country.

Copper contributes to the environment in the sense that no one wastes copper material. The motive for this is a financial one; it is too expensive to waste this material. But the result is one which is beneficial to the environment; nearly all scrap copper gets recycled on the job. Additionally, these are long-lasting products which are designed to withstand the test of time, further offering an environmentally-healthy option. Vintage Copper’s products are thought by many to be luxury products but most will last longer than their owners.

They have additional green benefits as well. For example, the vents made by Vintage Copper are passive and work without power. The concepts behind the company’s products are not new. Most of their designs came from a time before electricity was widely used in the home (hence the vintage in the title). They are designed for the person interested in lasting value, not someone with the “throwaway mentality”. That’s a green mindset.

Experimentation in home building is always a good thing. People who haven’t thought about using copper should consider this option. Looking at the products offered by Vintage Copper is a good way to start. Much of what is proposed in the midst of trying out alternative home building turns out to be inefficient or impractical. However, it becomes a stepping stone for developing better products. Any new procedure, technologies or designs that we come up with that save energy, decrease upkeep and increase comfort and security are along the lines of what we would all like to see for our future homes. Copper has a place in that.


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  • Edward Daniel profile image

    Edward Daniel 7 years ago from United States

    excellent hub. Thanks

  • robie2 profile image

    Roberta Kyle 7 years ago from Central New Jersey

    excellent info-- I never knew copper was a green building material

  • dallas93444 profile image

    Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

    ...a side note... copper use for plumbing leaching lead and copper into your drinking water...

  • Alternative Prime profile image

    Alternative Prime 7 years ago from > California

    Hi Kathryn,

    I hope everyone caught the excerpt about copper and the "Green" connection. Durability and longevity in building supplies is an essential ingredient.

    Many builders are now switching to cheaper products like plastic for plumbing etc. It sure does save the builder some cash but how long will it last before replacement parts are needed? I think copper use especially for important things like home plumbing helps the overall "green" effort.

    Great hub, especially the "copper & green" aspect.

    Alternative Prime

  • cwarden profile image

    cwarden 7 years ago from USA

    Thanks! There is a lot of information on this company's site. I am planning to replace my roof this year and am considering copper vents.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    Great advice, I never thought of that.

  • dealrocker profile image

    dealrocker 7 years ago from California

    A nicely written hub.