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Viral Pinterest Marketing - Learn How The Guru's Do It!

Updated on April 2, 2013

Viral Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a social virtual pinboard where each member can create different topic pin boards to pin photos or video to that interest them. These pins have a backlink to the web page they pinned the photo from, and a description of the pin or content it's linked to. Members can view others pins by going to the category pages and seeing the most recent pins or by following other Pinners and browsing through their boards, or in their following feed for recent pins pinned by the people they're following. When they see a pin they like they can like the pin, comment on the pin, or repin it to one of their boards.

That's it. The concept and functionality is very simple, though useful and highly addicting to the millions of users that have joined Pinterest.

If you still haven't joined Pinterest by now, you've been missing out on some of the Easiest and most Viral traffic on the web! Pinterest could easily bring you thousands of Free visitors a day to your site and your offers.

Pinterest has been the fastest growing social media website online to date, and has been driving more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and Linkedin Combined. They now have over 25 Million registered users, and as of Jan 2013, Pinterest has over 28 Million monthly unique visitors according to Comscore.

They also recently received another round of funding, this time $200 million, with an evaluation worth of $2.5 Billion dollars as of Feb 2013.

So obviously it's not a fad going away anytime soon. It's only growing and you still have a chance to get in on it while it's still fairly new and benefit from its increasing user base.

A lot has changed though on how you can benefit from Pinterest's traffic and what you need to do to make the most money with it in 2013 and 2014. So this guide is an up to date business blueprint of what is working with Pinterest now.

When Pinterest started really taking off over a year ago you had get an invite from someone, and their TOS was very different. You could get away with things then that you can't now like direct linking pins to CPA offers, mass following unlimited numbers of users per day, unlimited repining etc. Some people made an absolute killing using bots to spam their affiliate pins.

Now days you can't direct link to CPA offers and many other direct affiliate links. Pinterest blocks you from posting the pin saying that the URL has been reported as spam or abuse. Even if you find ways around it, other users could manually report your pin as spam. When it's marked as spam, no one can go to the link and no one can repin it anymore, they'll get a blocked warning.

Pinterest also has limits now on how many people you can follow per day and how many repins you can pin per day. The good news is that the limits are much higher than adding Facebook friends. You could follow up to 300 people per day last I tried before getting a block. Their blocks only last a few hours often before you're allowed to start following more people again.

While it might seem like it's much more difficult to make money from their site, it's actually much better now. If Pinterest let the spam and abuse continue, it only would of escalated as more and more people found out how easy it was. It wouldn't of been long before it would have been taken over by spam and ruined the experience, killing off the loyal user base.

Not only that, though if you wanted to make money from it, you would have had to compete with the mass spammers who didn't care about quality of content. So really, they've improved it for legitimate marketers who add value first.

Now days you might have to put more quality and effort into it, though you have a lot less competition, and if you focus on giving value first, you can totally make a killing from Pinterest!

You simply have to set things up differently and go about advertising in a smarter and more stealth manner. It actually converts much better anyway.

Think long term. You're building an online business with long term assets.

This is what this page is all about. Helping you to set up a quality business model that uses Pinterest as a perfect source of Free highly targeted traffic for Viral Pinterest Marketing.

Some Proof of the System!


Summary of the Business Model

The best way to approach making a lot of money from Pinterest is not to think of it as a place to market and promote things to directly. While you could direct link some things with an affiliate link to Amazon or to different fashion stores etc, you don't want to do that too often or you'll look like a spammer and get flagged by the other users. You also Never want to direct link to some spammy
looking CPA offer. Not if you want to keep your account.

You want to add a lot of value and content and original images, things that interest people. The best way to do that is with niche content blogs targeted to the same niches and the demographics.

So it's better to think of Pinterest as a viral traffic generation tool for your brand and blogs. For long term success, it's essential that you create your own niche blogs and get into blogging. It could be a lot of fun if you choose categories your interested in, or you could always outsource the blogging to a girl who loves that kind of stuff and has passion for it.

This business model is extremely simple. The short version of it is:

1) Map out what the top niches and demographics are on Pinterest.
2) Decide which of those niches you want to build content for.
3) Map out what the best converting affiliate offers are for that niche.
4) Start a blog around that niche or niches and add quality content.
5) Start a Pinterest account and build a massive following.
6) Monetize your blog posts with affiliate offers or your own offers.
7) Share your blog post content with your Pinterest followers.
8) Get repins and massive traffic to your blog posts from Pinterest.
9) Convert your traffic on your affiliate offers or own offers and make money!
10) Build targeted email lists from your Pinterest traffic for even more money!

It's very simple, though there's actually a lot of steps and specific detailed techniques to know on how to achieve each of those steps successfully. It does take some time to build everything up, though once you do, it becomes very automated and easy with very little time to maintain it.

Additional income sources later on could include:
1) Getting paid to post sponsored pins to your Pinterest boards by companies.
2) Getting paid flat fees upfront to post text and ad banners on your blog.
3) Getting paid by companies to set up and manage their Pinterest accounts.


How to Choose Your Blog Niches for Pinterest

As everyone knows by now, Pinterest is a visual image sharing site that is a female dominated social network!

They always say that men are more visual than women, though I'm not so sure about that!

As much as men are attracted to beautiful sexy women, women are even more attracted to beautiful things! We're attracted to beauty in other women and men, to the beauty of colorful sparkly makeup, colorful delicate flowers, beautiful stylish fashion and hair styles, stunning architecture and interior décor, shiny sparkling accessories.

So if you want to attract the attention of women, attract them with beauty!

Beauty is irresistible to women. Men love beautiful things also, though not in the same ways or degrees. Women are the ones you'll find collecting beauty magazines and home décor magazines and tearing out beautiful photos to save, and collecting gigs worth of digital photos of hair and makeup looks on their computers, etc. In fact I personally don't even think the majority of men like makeup on girls all that much, at least nothing more than the lightest makeup. Women are the ones that love lots of sparkly makeup and nails, and women basically then are doing all that mostly for themselves and each other.

That's why so many women love Pinterest so much. I remember when I first discovered and browsed through Pinterest, I thought it was like a gold mine of awesomeness! I've found cool and beautiful photos online before, though only few and far between. Some on one site and then another I'd come across. Nothing like that all in one place organized and so easy to find.

It's not only women on Pinterest, though the vast majority of the users are women, so from a marketing perspective, if you want to get the most traffic from Pinterest and the most viral shares, then it's best to target women.

As far as stats, females make up 84% of all of Pinterests mobile app users, 72% of all mobile site users, and 70% of all desktop users. The age bracket of the users is between 25 to 49. Additionally, over 75% of all Pinterest users are Caucasian. 28% have an annual income of over 100k.

So for the greatest success I highly recommend only choosing the most active niches on Pinterest and targeting these demographics.

The top 5 most active and repined categories on Pinterest are:

Home Décor
DIY Art and Crafts
Food and Drink
Women's Fashion
Hair and Beauty

So I recommend choosing one of those niches to start and not bothering with the others if your goal is to make the most money with Pinterest.

Another category you could make a lot of money with though is Diet and Fitness. Even though diet and fitness isn't one of the top pinned categories, it is still a Huge niche with a lot of great products and offers you could promote. It is still popular on Pinterest, especially the healthy diet recipes you could post in the Food and Drink section for a lot of views and repins!

The Food and Drink category on Pinterest is the Top repinned category on there. Take a look at how many repins many of the pins there get, it's not uncommon to see most of the pins having repins.

If you choose to focus of the Food and Drink niche, the most repinned types of
recipes are: Appetizers, Drinks, Snacks and Deserts.

You could choose all of those top niches and have boards for each one and a blog for each of those. Unless you have outsourcers though, I'd only start with a couple of them closely related like Home Décor and DIY Crafts, or Fashion and Hair and Beauty. Then you could focus on those more.

Within each of those niches are sub niches you could target for even more laser targeted traffic. Like in women's fashion, you could create a sub niche targeting beautiful necklaces, or boutique lingerie, etc. Then partner with the online retailers that have affiliate programs where people can buy what they like after seeing it on your blog.

You get the idea. Many highly targeted sub niches are often better than broad.

Remember though, just cause certain topics and pins are very popular doesn't necessarily mean that it's profitable product wise. To choose what is the most profitable you need a balance of popularity and profitable products that have a high conversion rate and high enough commissions. It's often not more difficult to sell higher priced items than lower priced ones. It's the EPC you're after.

Here's an interesting stat. 80% of the pins on Pinterest are repins. So if you choose highly popular categories and highly popular types of images, your chances of getting them repinned is very high!

The best and fastest way to find out the stats on what is most popular on Pinterest and what the demographics are, is to go to these sites:

On Quantcast you can see what other sites the visitors like and go to, and you could use those sites for content ideas for your blogs and pins.

Check Out My Full Guide!


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