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Viral effect and technical applications in marketing psychology

Updated on May 2, 2016

You can see that the superficial elegance, judgments shows often seen as successful and talented than not? Although it is not necessarily true because people sometimes very irrational. Viral effect (Halo Effect) pointed out: "If you have a good impression with a person, you usually have a good look at the person. When a bad impression, you usually look at the evil attempts of them without paying attention to their advantages. " Many phenomena in business excellence is explained thanks to understand the psychological effects of man.

The effect is to spread the investment process basically brand building

With the well-known trademarks, spillovers (Halo effect) gives you a huge competitive advantage when they enter new markets. Fast-food market will still not have a fever without the shadow of the current McDonald despite his pride KFC, Lotteria, Jollibee nor medium, the retail market from the Co-op Mart, Big C, Metro, Lotte Mart, E-Mart and will remain benign temporarily until Wal-Mart appears (now is not) and the coffee market is no exception when the game began to heat up when Starbucks arrived in Vietnam. Halo effect is a consequence of the investment process to build brand image all the way, seriously. This is the reward for those enterprises with vision and soon realized the tremendous value of the brand.

Creating a viral effect spread to other product lines

To create spillovers, the first impression is very important. In marketing, the extraordinary success of Apple is a good example? First impressions of Apple's iPod. Early, they constantly "bombed" the public with TV commercials, newspaper and billboards offering iPods. And the results are impressive. Apple accounted for 73.9% market share of digital music. IPod brand is so powerful that almost nobody remembers the 2nd brand iPod is. The marketing activities to support product line of Apple personal computers is what? The answer is: Not significant. This is the crux. Apple has cornered all the marketing budget for the iPod, create spillovers coverage for all other product lines.

Apple has succeeded in applying spillovers
Viral effect initial impression to the press

In the media, the press: First impressions with journalists is of utmost importance. That affect the tone that press for your business is positive or negative. Is your post sent to the newsroom posted or be thrown right into the trash without mercy, the decisive factor is the first information to the public you have the impression and the first press conference you leave a good feeling for the visiting journalists. Be cared carefully for the first time.

Spillover effects in communication, journalism
Viral effect is one of the interesting findings in psychology. Please use it as a tool to achieve wisdom of personal goals and business.


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