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Virtual Real Estate Guide for Beginners

Updated on August 6, 2013

This article is intended to give you an idea on how to earn passive income online through Virtual Real Estate. If you decide to implement these ideas, you either do a self study and do a trial and error method to get things right. Or, get a coach who have done it and succeeded.

You can browse my coaching schedules and register on my skype trainings online of the skills you need to learn if you choose me to be your coach.

Q: What is Virtual Real Estate (VRE)?

A: VRE is a great way to make passive income online for infopreneurs and solopreneurs. It operates with the same principle in real estate by having your property leased or rented by advertising companies to put in their advertising campaign materials such as posters, billboards, LED displays, etc.

In the case of VRE you have a website and advertising / marketing companies such as google, amazon or ebay put the ads of their clients on your site (with your permission) and you are paid for every people your site refers to their advertising clients either your visitor just visited their client website or purchased an item.

Q: How can I make money from VRE?

A: There are several ways to make money from VRE:

a. Ad Space for Lease - You dedicate a portion/s of your webpage open for advertisers to put their advertisement. You can ask for weekly, monthly or annual lease payment.

b. Affiliate Marketing - You write a brilliant content such as product review or endorsed a product of a certain company in your website and if your site visitors are convinced they will click on the advertisement link of the product and if they purchase you will earn a commission.

c. Get paid per click - Advertising platforms such as Google Adsense and Clickbank gives you the opportunity to put advertisement on your website and you get paid for every visitors that clicked on the ads placed in your website.

d. Sell other people’s products - you can directly do online marketing for other peoples businesses: services and products and earn commissions. Unlike affiliate marketing, in which everything is automatic, these business people are the ones you talk personally (offline or online) and signed with you a marketing agreement. The agreement may contain your income share or success fee for every successful sale made through your online marketing efforts.

e. Sell your own products or services - One of the advantage of having your own online store or showroom is the huge savings in overhead cost. Overhead cost is “the curse” of start up small business owners. Overhead expenses is constant irregardless you are making money or not from selling your products and services. Majority of start-ups failed because they do not have significant marketing skills that will push their goods to make profit and outrun competitions. Eighty percent (80%) of business is marketing and one of the best way to learn marketing at a very low cost in this internet age is doing VRE.

Q: Who wants to post ad in my VRE?

A: There are two major conditions that will attract business people to put their ads in your VRE:

a. Relevant Content - Those small and big business owners who believe in online marketing. If they saw your website has content relevant to their products and services they will be more than interested to put their ads in your website.

In the case of Google Adsense, it automatically search your content and automatically place relevant ads to your sites.

b. Number of Traffic - Real Estate is defined in three (3) words: “Location, Location, Location”. In Commercial Real Estate the value of property is determined by the density of the population in the and the number of people passing through (traffic) the property. Remember that business income is proportional to the number of people served by the business products and services. So, the more people the more served, the more profit made. Same true with VRE, the more people visiting your website for finding the information that they need the more interest advertisers will have in having you as their publisher.

Did you know that there are several online tools that calculates the value of the website and the major indicator of value is visitors traffic.

Q: Am I the right person for VRE?

A: Just like in any other business, online or offline, the following characteristics you must posses in order to become successful in VRE:

a. Passionate - Having passion is important. Being passionate will keep you going despite of frustrations and negative emotions that may arised in your journey towards building your business empire.

b. Action & Goal Oriented - The opposite of action is procrastination. Procrastination murdered so many great ideas and great plans. You must posses the attitude of a “go-getter”. You must have a very positive attitude of accomplishing your tasks, exercises and assignments. Remember that skills are developed by correct and consistent practice.

c. Willing to Make Mistakes - Remember that mistakes are the consequences of taking action. When you do wrong things, fail or make mistakes you learn your lessons and make it right. Most saints, billionaires and brilliant people in the history of mankind failed and made terrible mistakes in their life. But, they moved forward and learned. There is a Japanese saying that Failures are Part of Success!

d. Open Minded - You must be willing to learn new way of doing things and unlearn ways that doesn’t work anymore.

e. Organized - Being organize will help you save a lot of time from looking for missing things or missing appointment schedules. You must build your proficiency in using organizing tools such as calendars and notepads.

f. Team Player - you have to learn to work with your mentor, coach and fellow apprentices. Working with a team is leveraging in other people’s experience, knowledge, skills, talents and resources. T.Harv Eker said that: “If you are working too hard and earning too little you are not using leverage”.

Assess yourself with these characteristics if you are the right one for VRE business.

Q: How much time must I invest to build my VRE business?

A: Your most major investment in building your VRE business is TIME. Time to learn by doing the real thing. If you are employed or self-employed you must set aside at least 3 hours a day learning to build passive business income streams. This means you have to give up idle time such as watching TV or unproductive time online.

Q: How do I begin VRE?

A: Here are the essential steps if you choose to begin building your Virtual Real Estate Business:

Step 1. Get a debit card - There are banks that gives debit card accounts with at least P100 opening balance.

Step 2. Get a Paypal Account - Paying with people is the safest way to make online purchase. You are going to.need this to purchase your own domain and hosting. You also need paypal to receive income from your online activities.

Step 3. Build a Website - If you are beginner, we will use free website building tools as you hone your webmaster skills. Once you are confident with your newfound skills then you can go to the next level.

Step 4. List down all the things you are well knowledgeable and passionate about - From each item of the list you created you will build natural organic content for your webpages. The topic must be something that you can speak about with authority and conviction. It can be something you are successful about or a problem that you solved and how you solved it. Sharing your expertise that will give value to others will make your website attractive and will easily grow links to your website fast.

Google looked for more than 200 signals in each webpage to determine its ranking in its page results. However nobody outside google really know what are those signals specifically. They can only infer them from those website that ranked on first page of google search results. With the occasional changes in google’s search algorithm in which its primary purpose is to combat spammy websites and page, it is best to learn how to create websites with original and useful content because you could never go wrong.

Q: Where can i get additional resources for VRE?

A: There are thousands of videos in YouTube, blogs, articles and websites about how to make a website, how to increase traffic and how to top google first page results. But among all these information the question is which are the right information that you should use to get the right result? The answer is: Only those who have done it and created the right results used the right information. So when you stumble upon a how to site our video make sure that the author walk his talk.


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