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Volusion Buyer Guide

Updated on October 24, 2017
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About Volusion

Volusion was launched by Kevin Sproles, a 16-year-old in 1999 as a web design studio. Then later in 2002, he added the e-commerce function. Over the past 15 years, Volusion has powered over 40,000 online stores and handled over 185 million orders its users have sold over $26 billion. Volusion is one of the largest e-commerce online store builders which allow anyone to be an online store owner.

Features of Volusion

It allows you concentrate on selling without getting stuck with dealing with your servers. With Volusion, you don’t need an extensive technical knowledge of working with integration tools, programming, codes and other complex technical tasks. All you need to do is concentrate on growing your business and you need not bother yourself about how to do the connection of your shopping cart to your website. The e-commerce-optimized and custom design features of this platform provide everything needed to kick off your online store and start conducting business effectively.

You do not need to install or download anything to get your store working because Volusion is a fully hosted e-commerce program. In a matter of minutes, you can start the operation of your store by simply signing up through the Volusion website. You need not invest anything before you are certain that this platform is what you need because the website gives a free trial period of 14 days.

Users can manage their store effectively with the Volusion Mobile App. With this App, you will be able to manage your store when you are not in close proximity of your computer. The App is free for users to download and can be used to receive sales data, ship products, and process orders. Volusion makes available tools to assist users in managing inventory, charging customers, shipping, marketing their business, adding products and so much more.

Volusion provides services for a wide range of businesses, such as jewellery, automotive, health and beauty, apparel, electronics, food and beverages, and anything that can be sold online. Using Volusion is very profitable for store owners because there are no transaction fees or hidden charges, so you retain possession of all your profits. This platform allows users to exhibit 100 products, unlike various other e-commerce site builder plans that greatly put a limit on your product numbers.

Volusion has made payment easy. It has ensured that the customer doesn’t have problems paying you money for products bought. The Volution platform has very good and favourable marketing tools, upgraded its tutorials, and their storefront theme has been expanded.

Packages available on Volusion

Volusion provides four packages to its users and they all come with SEO tools built-in and free marketing;

• The Mini plan: This is the cheapest of all the plans but comes with a lot of restrictions. In this plan, you can only display 100 products and you are only qualified to use 1GB of bandwidth per month. It can be compared to the 14-day free trial plan. You can subscribe to this plan for just $15 per month.

• The Plus plan: The subscription rate for this plan is $35 per month. This plan offers the sale of up to 1,000 products and provides 3GB of bandwidth per month.

• The Pro plan: The pro plan offers the sale of up to 10,000 products and offers a bandwidth of 10GB per month. $75 is the subscription fee per month for this plan.

• The Premium plan: This plan is the best package of all. The premium plan offers unlimited sales of products and allows 35GB of bandwidth per month. This plan comes with an account manager.


• Volusion provides the basic building blocks to organizing a good e-commerce store.

• Unlike other online store builders who charge a transaction fee for their smaller plans, Volusion does not charge any transaction fee and they got rid of some objectionable fees they charge for small services. This helps the store owners keep all their profits.

• An extensive technical knowledge of working with integration tools, programming, codes and other complex technical tasks is not needed on Volusion. You only have to focus on growing your business and let Volusion take care of the rest.

• Volusion provides you with a complete set of tools to build a very productive and efficient online store. These tools are dependent on the monthly plan you are subscribed to. If you want access to more tools, simply subscribe to a higher plan.

• This platform makes getting help when you need it very easy because of their 24/7 live support through online chat, email, and phone. They have comprehensive support pages that provide video and text tutorials.

• Volusion provides services for a wide range of businesses, such as food and beverages, jewelry, automotive, health and beauty, apparel, electronics, and anything that can be sold online.

• You can manage your inventory, insert products, upload images, receive sales data, ship products, process orders, market your business, charge customers etc. without doing any complex technical task or touching any codes.

• The Volusion App store boosts the features of your store. The app store comprises of 80 additional apps to add on to your store which is built and perfected by other software tool creators. Your customer support tools, inventory management, accounting software, fulfillment, newsletter/email software, shipping, etc. are integrated with those apps.

• Volusion creates a platform for you to entice your customers to continue buying at your stores by offering promo codes, customer online coupons, and gift cards.

• Users can advertise their e-commerce store with numerous social media platforms and create options to sell products on Amazon, eBay, Google, and Facebook. Volusion provides SEO tools to make your store more detectable by search engines.

• Volusion’s email marketing interface helps you market your products to customers, both old and new through newsletters and email marketing to keep them updated on the latest products added to your store.


• Volusion has a bandwidth limit users are not supposed to exceed. When you do, you will have to purchase additional bandwidth but Volusion does not openly reveal how much they charge for the additional bandwidth.

• Usage of bandwidth is almost impossible to determine since there are numerous factors influencing the use of bandwidth.

• There is no blogging function on this platform. For an online store to grow nowadays, content marketing is very important. Your customers have to trust you else it is going to be difficult to sell your products. That means you have to provide worthwhile content to your target audience and this can be done through a blog.

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    • SwiftERM profile image


      12 months ago from New York

      This platform now accounts for a considerable market share, and a high degree of respect from it's peers.


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