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Updated on April 17, 2010


1.               Be alert and ready to do your job whenever the hostess gives the signal.

2.               Serve and remove food on the left side, using your left hand. Never reach in front of the person you are waiting on. Hold the plate or the dish so that you do not put your thumb over the rim.

3.               Serve and remove the beverage on the right side, using your right hand. Hold the glass by the lower part so that your fingers do not touch the top or the inside of the glass.

4.               The first course, such as soup or fruit cup, may be on the table when the diner sits down at the table.

5.               Hold serving dishes low enough so that the person being waited on can help himself easily.

6.    Never reach across the cover in front of a person seated at the table for any purpose.

7.    After the main course, remove the serving dishes, the large plates and the salad plates. If necessary, crumbs and other particles of food should be removed by brush­ing them all with a folded napkin into a clean plate or a small tray.

8.    Water glasses should be refilled without removing them from the table. A folded napkin can be used with the water pitcher to prevent drops of water from dripping on the table.

9.    In the case of a left-handed person, a thoughtful hostess and waitress will reverse the usual procedure and serve from the right.

10. In clearing the table, remove the serving dishes before the individual plates. Remove all soiled dishes in front of one person before you go to the next person on his right. Never stack the dishes. Sugar and cream for the beverage are the only food remaining on the table. Silver needed for eating the dessert or stirring the beverage is behind also.



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