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Updated on February 18, 2011
Good paying job
Good paying job

Finding a Good Job

With daily increase in global population and a lesser growth in company and industry establishments, finding a good job with good salary and welfare packages is becoming more and more difficult even in the most industrialized nations like; Japan, China, United States, Germany, etc. This may be as a result of high influx of migrants coming into these countries to seek for job, thereby creating scarcity for the indigenes and already resident immigrants. This has landed many into seeking asylum in online businesses like affiliate marketing and article publishing to earn royalties and commissions.

No wonder many countries are tightening their borders and making it more and more difficult for migrants to cross, may be to protect their citizens or to prevent their countries from being overcrowded.

While people are migrating away from a particular region, others are finding it more interesting and comfortable to live in such regions. It is also noteworthy to know that some migrants do arrive their destination countries and still couldn’t find a job or good-paying one to complement their desires and wish, while many in the region they migrated from, are enjoying good-paying jobs and life in general.

good salary package
good salary package


Any job that cannot pay for one’s comfortable accommodation, feeding, transportation, clothing, vacation, health, security, including that of his or her immediate family (spouse and children), and still gives one an opportunity to save so as to be able to take care of eventualities and may be secondary family (parents and siblings), is not a good-paying job.

A good-paying job should be able to pay for you and your family comfort as regards the issues mentioned above, and still gives room for you to save for retirement, eventuality or personal insurance plan.



Good jobs are everywhere, even in the least place you expected them, though some areas or regions are more populated with jobs that pay well, and that I guess, should be found in the industrialized areas like, the cities of Chenzou, Shangai, Beijing, Osaka, New York, Los Angeles, Quebec, Luxemburg, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, Dubai, Istanbul etc.

People living in these cities stand better chances of securing good-paying jobs than those living in cities like; Islamabad, Port novo, Alexander, Alabama, Cambridge, Malaga, Calabar, Yaoundé, etc. but one exciting thing is, these other cities with low job opportunities, are always good tourist sites.

package yourself well
package yourself well


Remember, this is the main objective of this article, how to find a good job. To find a good-paying job, you must be aware that employers pay for the value of they are sure they would reap from the person they want to hire. An employer cannot pay a laborer more than he pays his manager or supervisor. And a technician cannot expect to earn more than the chief engineer in a manufacturing or engineering firm for instance. All these are practically impossible in our world today. Employers pay for the value they reap from an employer, not really the value of an employee because no one can pay the exact worth of anybody on Earth.

Haven known this fact, you need to ask yourself some vital questions if you really desire a good pay at job.

Question number one: what certificate do I hold? You should expect someone with an MBA degree to earn higher than someone with a bachelors certificate or degree. You should also expect one with a bachelors degree to earn higher than the other with a diploma certificate, etc. so you need to upgrade your certificate if you desire to stand better chances of securing a good-paying job.

Question number two: what experience do you have to offer to the employer? Employers of nowadays are sick and tired of hiring trainees and fresh graduates, except when they want to nurture new breeds to take over the affairs of their establishment in the future. Why do they hate to hire trainees or inexperienced employees? Simply because they cost them much to train- materially, time, etc, therefore, not all employers of labor are ready to undergo those processes just to get an employee when they have several many options of highly experienced experts to hire.

Though it’s so unfair and sad to know this, but you don’t have to blame them either, everyone is seeking for how to maximize profit and probably stay in the business for long. Who wants to open a company today and close it next five years due to losses?

Therefore, if you desire to secure a good or high paying job, get an experience. How do you get an experience when you have never been given a chance? You can belittle yourself and start with a low-profile or low pay job, but must related to your field of study if you really want this to count on your experience rating else, it doesn’t. for instance, if you studied engineering, and went ahead to work in a bank or insurance firm, be aware that even though you work for hundred years in this field, you have never added a day to your experience rating.

Better still, seek for a firm or company to do an industrial attachment to help you gain industrial experience, but you shouldn’t expect to be paid as a full time staff of the company, if they manage to give you a token to cover for your transport and feeding, accept it, bearing in mind that you have a goal- to obtain experience and not to get paid. Another good news is that some people who tried this, do often get employed with the firm, but don’t let this to be your focus, just do your thing and be efficient at work, no pretence, but if you are good at pretending, do it in a professional way, good luck!

Question number three: what is your skill and personal talent?

Sometimes, two people with the same certificate, experience level, work in the same firm, but one earns more than the other, what is the secret? There are so many secrets behind this:

1.     Skill, efficiency and competence at work

2.     Behavior and coordination at work

3.     The work of grace or favor which may be attributed to so many factors that I cannot go on explaining just here.

In order words, if you want to get a good pay at work, explore the things I mentioned above and use them to your advantage. Remember, the way and manner in which you relate with your supervisors, management and your superiors at work matters a lot, so learn manners, behave well and be punctual.

Question number four: what is your packaging?

The way you package yourself in life matters a lot in determining how people see and value you. If you package yourself like a beggar, employers would worth you more or less like one. If you package yourself high, they bid higher. So how do you package yourself well for them to bid you high?

Your packaging as one seeking for a job or seeking to switch over begins with your resume or curriculum vitae. This is your first representative to the employer, even when he has not set his or her eyes on you. This is where you begin to market your ability and inabilities. Use this opportunity to expose your rare talents and skills to the new employer, such that he will be compelled to call on you for a personal one on one interview. When you tell about your job experience, brag a bit about your great achievements in those jobs, but don’t make it too long for him to lose patience in reading through.

If you did obtain a first class in school, let it show under your certificate field. If you collected any award or awards at school and work place, show it off too. These are examples of how to package yourself, coupled with your packaging on your day of interview. Dress smart and be bold in answering his questions: to achieve this, relax your mind, see it as an interaction and not a do or die affair. Before you respond to any question, take a deep breath (not a noisy one to say), this would enable you to be at stable mind, and fears will run away. Good luck for now, I shall explain further in my next article on dealing with job interviews.

Finally, you must be good in negotiating price, if not, the employer might cheat on you and cut your worth, but don’t be too greedy because you want to get a good pay, this may cause you not to get the job, which means the end did not justify the means at last. To be on a safer side, make a pre-requisite research about the company’s pay package for similar positions or the particular position you applied for, and then make reference on them if he asks you. Bye for now, meet you at the top!


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