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achieving your personal goals

Updated on September 17, 2012

big picture thinking please!

I have been dealing with people this week who are seriously lacking in the ability to be a big picture thinker.

Issues of blame, lack of accountability, lack of responsibility as well as an inability to see OVERALL the great progress being made on a major project, would drive many INSANE!

This may sound harsh however if anyone attempting to make a living (a decent living that is) from Internet Marketing (IM) cannot take on the role NATURALLY of being a big picture thinker, then they are doomed never to succeed in IM or - can I be blunt and say - any path they choose in life!

People all too often prefer to get bogged down in the small, low level detail and spend wasted hours or days (sometimes weeks) trying to figure out what is going wrong, looking for others or technology or systems to be to blame when really all that is missing is the ability to think strategically.

Ask any guru in IM or any successful leader what one of their key strengths are - I guarantee you - they will respond with many however they will definitely include "big picture thinker" aka ability to think strategically, visionary.

Having this attribute seriously helps with your coping mechanism when stress hits, from time to time.

Yes stress can be a good motivator to push things on however knowing that regardless of the different (and sometimes unexpected) hurdles along the way, you are working strategically to achieving your goal will keep momentum, focus, energy and enthusiasm at the required levels.

I am not attempting to offer up the ideal that being a big picture thinker is a guarantee you will never ever feel drained, or lacking in energy - OF COURSE YOU WILL - what is the key differentiator is HOW YOU RESPOND AND THE ACTION YOU CHOOSE TO TAKE! This action and approach will determine the success or otherwise of your career in IM.

So next time you find yourself getting bogged down in the small detail and feel the stress levels rising to a level you are finding you cannot cope with, it might be worthwhile going back to your strategic plan for success in IM and check to see whether you are on course to deliver successfully!

If you have read this and are wondering what on earth I am referring to and if you do not have any such plan, you will most definitely find yourself sweating the small stuff indefinitely, plus this will be the major root cause of why you have not met your key targets and milestones - YOU HAVE NOT SET ANY!

Be kind to yourself and your IM career _ TAKE THE TIME TO PLAN AND PLAN WELL!!!


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