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How to Make Mega Money in Sales

Updated on September 28, 2015

Strategies of Making Great Sales

One of the outstanding benefits of company growth is great sales. There are various products in the market today seeking for attention from customers to buy, the best sales representative will make the best benefits of it. It is important to discover the secrets that make people hit high sales than others and how great companies succeeded in the sales of their products.

Everyone is a sales person. We all sell something, it's just that what we sell differ.Parents sell values to their children; leaders sell ideas and visions to their followers. Teachers sell "education", information and acculturation ton their students, and the list goes on. We all sell something; whether directly, indirectly or knowingly. But it is not all of us that have selling skills.

Anyone that desires financial success must know how to sell. And the good news is that any skill can be acquired provided there is interest. Selling skill is so important that without it the best products can die in the store. So, if you acquire selling skill, it will pay younger life.


Selling skills are fundamental. They are basic to life. In any business, it is sale that determines the number of goods produced. So, the higher the sales, the higher the number of goods that will be produced. And in the same vein, the lower the sales, the lower the number of goods that will be produced. If you are into a business and you only have the capacity to sell five thousand products, it may be wastage if you go ahead producing seven thousand products; because, the remaining two thousand will become a loss. However, you have to expand your selling capacity.

It is sale that drives the wages and salaries of workers. If a company sells more, she will employ more workforce thereby leading to a rise in the number of workers; but if a company sells so little, there will be a fall in the salaries and numbers of the workers.

Even more, it is sale that drives the economy of a nation. People only make money when they sell. Any country that has a low selling capacity is going to be poor in spite of its good products. For a country's economy to grow, the people must experience high sales and profit turnovers. For instance, the stock exchange is growing very fast today is because the rate at which shares are selling is very high. It is on record that Africa accounts for eleven percent of the world industrial output and responsible for three percent of world trade. This consequently has led to a poverty-ridden environment.

Sales provides dividend for sharehiolders. Once the number of buyers increase, the company makes profit and the values and dividends of share holders increases.

Furthermore, government won't be able to generate income if companies are not selling, they will find it very difficult to pay taxtax and the country will find it difficult to provide the essential amenities like good roads, electricity and so on.

However, selling skill is so important and anyone that is into business of production of goods and services must know how to sell. The problem worth some people is that they venture into one business or the other without mastering the art of selling.


Rules of Selling


Goods are sold not bought. If you are in business, let it always be at the back of your mind that goods are not bought, they are sold. The only reason you buy or create is not to keep or store but to sell this product.

Question: Will I be able to sell this product? If your answer is no, then don't buy it. If you are only buying to kweo and not making sales, you will soon go out of business. As a business person, the golden rule is that you must not buy to keep. Always know your motive for buying a product. There is no point buying a product you cannot sell and you claim that you are in business.


The problem with some people is that they don't even know what they are selling. And that is a minus to you as a promoter. Have you had the opportunity of meeting with some sales gurus? Their wealth of knowledge about the product they market is potent and high enough to convince anyone to buy their products. You can't be a sales super if you have little or no knowledge about your product or service. You will only remain a mediocre at best. People won't buy if you can't detail them on the effectiveness odnyoue products. Avoid passing across untested information in order to sell your product or service. If not, you will end up losing your prospective customers.


Don't be ashamed to sell what you have. The only precaution you must take is this: your product or service must carry value and quality. Avoid substandard products or poor service.Some of us must have experienced situations whereby we buy a particular product not really because we wanted to buy it but because we were asked to buy it. The problem with some people is that they are too shy to sell. The first quality of a sales person is confidence and outstanding bravery. You must overcome the fear of meeting people if you want to remain in business and take your business to a higher level.


Nothing works better is sales than persistence. Persistence pays out huge dividends. You must learn how to persuade people to buy from you. Don't gives up. In fact, some of us buy some goods because the person selling is persistent. You must be a person of action. Master the act of persuasion. You require it to succeed in business and in life. According to statistics eighty percent (80%) of sales are made after the fifth call. That means you need to meet a customer with the same product for at least five times before you may chose to give up on that customer.


Be clear about the need that you want to meet with your product. Every product has a need they meet in the market. The more you focus on meeting people's needs the better your chances of succeeding in the market place. You must know why you're in the market. People don't buy products to make you happy; they buy to meet their own needs. People buy products for various reasons. You must know why you want people to buy from you. If you can identify human needs and develop a means of meeting them, you will succeed very fast.


Anytime you are selling a product to someone, always see yourself as a person that is helping the other person to solve a problem. If you always have that at the back of your mind, you will never he ashamed or afraid to sell to anybody. The truth is that you are actually helping them. For instance, if you sell a mobile telephone recharge card; someone who bought a recharge card from you for ten dollars($10) can use it to make a call that may generate two million dollars ($2million) or even use it to make a call that could save a life. Because at times, the difference between life and death could be a phone call. I am not implying that you should be arrogant while selling to a customer because you are helping them. I am trying to make you see your importance in their lives. Because, if you were not there at the time they needed the service, situation might turn out to be critical. I advise, be careful with your customers. Remember Sam Walton's philosophy "The only boss in any business is the customer".


It is very difficult for you to help the person you hate. But if you truly love someone, it is vseey easy for you to help that person. If you truly love your customers you will be interested in helping them, not cheating them or manipulating them. Don't make money your primary motive for being in business. If you go into business purposely because you want to make money, you have entered the market for the wrong motive and you can not succeed with that because, you will soon be consumed by greed and people will sense it. Have genuine interest in people not on money. Money will come.


No matter how good or excellent your product is, if people don't see it, they won't buy it from you. Put your product where people can see it. There is a place you can stand and opportunity will a see you and you will see opportunity, and there is a place you can stand and be his from opportunity. Know where to stand. Be on the look out for better platforms and position to stage your products and services.


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