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WSI on Franchise Startup... a review

Updated on April 18, 2016

WSI on Franchise Startup... a review

The idea of being our own boss may seem appealing. No need to answer to someone else or punch a time clock. However, getting a business off the ground isn't so easy. This is why owning a franchise is a solution that many seek out.

In owning a franchise you are your own boss without having to go completely out on a limb yourself. A franchise comes with an established product and name that will bring in customers. In fact, at a closer glance there are many advantages to owning a franchise.

Diving into a business can be a frightening and daunting task. The uncertainty of the market these past few years has proved that you need a strong foundation to own and operate your own business. If you have looked into being a business owner one of the strongest decisions that you can make is to become a franchise owner.

Franchises provide the benefits of owning a business but with significantly reduced stress. Owning a franchise gives you the benefit of having a strong backing brand, one that you know will not fail. In addition to the strong brand name a franchise offers opportunities that allow you to purchase products at a reduced cost due to the brand name and the overhead of the brand, two major concerns that are taken care of by becoming a franchise owner.

Many people dream of owning their own business. The lure of becoming your own boss, with the flexibility that entails, can be a powerful one. However, the prospect of starting from scratch, learning the basics of entrepreneurship can be a daunting and intimidating prospect.

There is a way past these hurdles that many successful people take advantage of.

The Franchise Opportunity in review

Beginning with a franchise provides the upfront support and training needed to succeed in the endeavor. After all, the parent company has a vested interest in you succeeding. With these opportunities, much of the work has been done for you, bringing with it the following advantages:

1. Established product or service with a proven track record.
2. Brand name recognition... (ie:WSI Digital, McDonalds etc.)
3. Ongoing support and training.
4. Big business network
5. Higher rate of success than independant start-ups.
6. Easier to secure financing.

All these benefits can turn the prospective business owner from frightened to self-assured and confident in their success.

With the constant failure of businesses nowadays, and all dots seem to lead to franchising. There are many advantages to owning a franchise compared to risking your money over a startup business. One of the most obvious reasons is that you’re investing in a company that probably has a very strong track record of success.

An example might be opening up a popular fast food restaurant in a new area where people will obviously go to because they recognize the brand. Another benefit is the training. Opening a franchise comes with many manuals and trainings for you to get up to date on successfully managing your franchise. Plus, having advance training and operational support, to assist those that encounter any problems during running a business is a great safety blanket to lean on.

The most obvious reason to join a franchise system is a brand that people are already familiar with. Many people prefer brand names when it comes to food, clothing, or other things. They feel more comfortable dealing with a company with a great track record of success. As a franchise owner, your brand will be often be marketed extensively.

Last but not least, a franchise owner has purchasing power, which can be used to dictate the market. If a person is looking to start a business, perhaps owning a franchise is an option that he/she must consider.


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