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Waisting Ideas is Waisting MONEY!

Updated on August 12, 2016

Ideas+Money You're throwing away your earnings!

Would you imagine that each day, we throw away over $1 million? I know that you are probably thinking, "Oh not me! Those old rich people have money to throw away and I can barely pay my bills!" But what if "those people" were you, and you wasn't throwing away CASH but enough creative ideas to change your life and your families life!

We have a habit of looking over the fence, especially at celebrities, moguls and millionaires thinking that they must have it good! But the truth is, one day they were just like you and I! The thing that differentiates them from you currently, is that they decided to stop throwing away their dreams and walk out on faith. It may not be hard to let go of everything and follow that little voice on the inside that tells you that you deserve better. However, the more you let go, the louder that voice will become.

Can you think of the last time that you said you hated your job? Or you cried because you didn't have enough to pay the mortgage, let alone the babysitter? Well its not just you! This is happening all around the world. It seems that no matter what type of job you have its just not enough to live comfortably. But what if in your house, the one you live in, eat in, and barely spend time with your family in, you had enough to make yourself a millionaire.

Every Fortune 500 company, started with an idea. An idea that might not have been the first of its kind. However, the innovator behind the creation was different then all the rest. They had the I CAN DO ALL THINGS ATTITUDE! They believed that what ever it was that they created was just as important as the things that were already taking over the market. In the U.S. we have all the tools to run a flourishing economy without dept and spite with out allies over resources.

I know you've probably said that to your self before. So whats stopping us from dominating in our own countries and sharing the lavish life with others. It's FEAR! Fear has a way of braking people down and ripping away their dreams. Where does this fear come from. This fear comes from tragedy, failures, and one very important thing. Judgement from others. Here in the U.S we are always focusing on what other people are thinking of us instead of focusing on what it is that makes us to things MONEY and HAPPY!

Think of this as you life your daily life, each day that we laugh, point fingers, and judge others, we are abusing them. We are inflicting fear on them and stopping them from being there very best. Just think if you are doing it to others, someone is doing it to you. A kind word in a trying world and a challenging society can go a long way. It's ok, and quite honest it is amazing to be kind, welcoming and helpful to others. We all have challenges and difficulties and the last thing we want to do is be judged.

After reading this blog. I challenge you, if you are a creator, if you desire a better job, if you want to move, and fear and bondage from the past is holding you hostage to get up and DREAM again. There;s a thumping market and it's waiting on your creativity. You may not be perfect but you have stepped up to the plate. Therefore, continue to grow and challenge yourself. And wait and see the harvest of your effort.

Here are a couple of tips for getting your dreams back-

-Surround yourself with positive people who have similar business interest

-Get a Mentor

-Find time to focus on your DREAM the more you cultivate it the more it grows and who knows what else you may discover.

-FInd some inspirations, observe their success, learn their strategies, and implement them into your vision

-Never quit your job! I always recommend letting go of hours as you see your business growing. However, entrepreneurs must still be responsible. You have family, bills, and other things to consider. Make sound judgement.

-Don't Rush....But....NEVER GIVE UP!

Let's see how many people are actually dissatisfied with their position.

Are you happy in your current employment situation?

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My Journey

I can attest to the fear and discouragement that is often associated with following your dreams. Growing up, I didn't come from a wealthy family.I didn't have an inheritance of money waiting on me to start my business. However, as I learned more, I expected more. I expected more from myself, my employers, and those around me. It wasn't until I became uncomfortable with the mediocrity that employers were giving me, that I knew how important it was that I gained Financial Freedom over my life! When I stood up for myself and my dreams. It made me feel free, whole, and liberated. I want you to feel this feeling. Its a feeling of accomplishment, joy and satisfaction!I remember tossing and turning with ideas. Trying to figure out just how to execute them. I was uncertain. But I was for sure, I needed to express myself. Some way and some how. I searched high and I searched low. There are people who go to work everyday and dread going in. I was there. It may not be meant for them to start their own business if that is not their preference but however to start a new job. This to is a way of gaining financial freedom. It actually was a stepping stone, in me realizing how much I wanted to start my own business.

I remember the day that I turned in my letter of resignation. I had gotten so use to my employer and the repetition of my job. For about a week I cried, I had recently completed college, and all I wanted was stability in my job. But, I knew I had to leave, I felt like my leadership was being smothered and though the pay was ok, it was still not what I desired, I had accumulated over $60,000 ian academic debt. Not so that I could spend the major of my time with my employer and a very small amount smiling with my family. I needed to be in control of my life. So I resigned.

It is important for employers to know that careers and the people that you meet while you are there become family. You can be on vacation, however the anticipation of going back to work can dreadful. The idea of leaving your newborn baby at home with the sitter because you have to punch the clock. I didn't want to live like this. And there are some of you who don't either.

At my Company, we take pride in bringing peoples dreams to reality. We understand that different individuals have different desires for their lives. However, we have a strategic approach that focuses on the need of each client that we receive. For more information about DreamBrandIt, email us


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