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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee If You Have Any

Updated on November 28, 2009

Coffee or Coffee Grounds

Our Citizens are standing in food lines, being thrown into the street, and our jobs are still being sent out of this country. I am not interested in seeing the tree that is going to the White House, or what the First Lady wore to the State Dinner. Or what they ate at the State dinner.

We the people had better wake up and fast. The powers of the Bilderberg group, for one has infiltrated our government. Where have you ever heard of any financial institution receiving bail out money, because the little people will not have the money to pay them? So the government prints the money, pays all their associates, well I might add, and charges it back to the same people that did not have the money in the first place.

The same group of financial experts, and scammers are trying to convince the courts that since you can not pay your mortgage any longer, because you have no job, they should have your home to sell it and earn some money, after they already received the bail out money. These servicing lenders are all puppets that are MERS INC members in their elite group, knowing full well that they have no legal right to foreclose any ones home, but have to do what MERS instructs them to do.

The reason being is that MERS INC and their shareholders, the same bail out banks, are playing Monopoly with real homes and peoples lives. My research shows that no one knows who the legal holders of the notes are or where they are. Legal or not they want what they want. We have been paying servicing lenders and did not even know it. We do not know where our money went or to who!

Our Society has gone hay wire

I am sorry and I do not mean to offend any one. But give me a break. I saw on television that Cher's daughter Chasity now wants to be a man. I guess because she or he has the money for the treatments the medical profession is real happy to collect for this gender change.

I do not want to be convinced that this is normal. I do not want to be convinced that Adam Lambert because he is gay, has the need to show everyone that he is gay and vulgar. He calls it apples and oranges I call it sick and mentally disturbed.

Our society is possessed by evil entities. Today we have vampires that suck people's blood and are proud to announce it to the world. We have men with men, and woman with woman.

We have a surge of child pornography that is over whelming. We have swingers, and people publicly announcing their sexual preferences.

Yet, lets remove any evidence that a God does exist, or any religion that does not conform to the sick thinking of today's society. It is warping the minds of the younger generation.

The price of food is rising and the packages are shrinking. Jobs are only lasting a few weeks at most, and you are laid off again. I sure hope that the people that remain in the work force figure out that they will be the people paying the higher taxes, and for all the other people that are not working.

When does it end? We are being forced into poverty! Our country as we once knew it will be gone! We must vote this people out, all of them. They are trying to break our unity, so they can remain in power. They all need to go!

I see a piece of our Country falling every day, and I see people that are just not interested.that is why they have gotten so far with their plan for world domination. They can read us like a book, and that is what they count on.

I hope that this Holiday season brings good things to the people, and hope that the New Year brings hope.


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