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Wake Up and Smell the Roses! No Jobs Are Out There!

Updated on August 4, 2017


 As a small child, I grew up being told that it was my job to be a mother and a wife. I believed what I was told, and when I grew older I realized that I was basically screwed. I had no education past high school, yet I did own one Corporation, and three small business's.

My choice of marriage partners were wrong. My choices, other than self-employment were huge mistakes. So, what the hell is wrong with me? I moved to Florida in 1993 and I swear my brain has melted from the heat.

In Florida business, the lazy worker is the good worker, and the smart and efficient worker is the one that is terminated. I asked myself why, for so many years. I figured it out. The people in the Manager posistions need really bad workers to make them look good, and anyone that may threaten their abilities, which are not much anyway, threatens them.

I have the uncanny ability to learn very quickly, I watch people, I only have to see something done once and I know how to complete the task. My gift, drives people crazy. 

I have completed extensive research, and I have found that there is no place within the United States that has any positive job growth. Perhaps this is a blessing, to force ourselves from the thinking that we need to work for someone else. The "someone else" is thinking about  their needs only, and not our needs.

I had a business, a Retail Store, one day a small boy who lived down the street came in to my shop. He asked if I had a job for him. He was probably about nine years old. I told him that he could come to the store every Saturday and clean up the outside of the grounds. I also told him that he could bring his goods to my store and if they sold he would get the money. That little boy, came to work every Saturday, like clockwork. He was proud, because I treated him well. There was really nothing outside for him to pick up.

The sad reality which we are all facing is, our jobs as we once knew them are gone. I will never work for any business that scams people to earn money. I will never compromise my morals and ethics, as I have seen done, to be deceptive or cunning. 

I live in a very wealthy community, I do not see people standing outside with signs, but we that are not wealthy are financially loosing this battle. Companies are not the same, the leaders of the companies are not the kind and generous people that I use to deal with before in business.

In January of 2009, I took a job that meant I had to work on Tribal Land. I was not educated about Tribal policies. I believed all the promises, and the hype, and thought I could make a difference, and earn more money  in the future. The medical benefits were free, the dinner or lunch was free. I stood over 7 1/2 hours on a line to do what society tells you to do and get a job. The drive was 45 minutes to an hour, and the fuel costs just keep rising.

I stood in line that day, two months after my recovery period from having two knee implants. I was so happy that I could stand. Two days of grueling interviews, paperwork, the hot sun, the lines, and I believed these people. My mistake.

March of 2009 turns the corner, and I have seen some weird things going on at this place. The first week after I started, I find out that there is a wage freeze and medical costs. The third month the free food is making employee's ill. Employee's are told that they can not go off property to eat, and they can not bring their own food. The third month, I had a fall and I was injured. The fourth month, I am told that my posistion is being eliminated. I will have a new posistion that requires standing for 8-12 hours, while injured.

The fifth month comes and I do not see a fraction of the employee's that were hired in January, and all the news hype how they (Indians) are saving the world. I saw low paid employee's having their hours cut, their days cut, and termination's. I am a whiz with Revenue, and there was no financial reason other than greed to take from the hourly poor and suffering employee's.

I began to research the Tribal policies, and stayed one step ahead of them, because I knew what their game was, and how they played the game. The employee's were no longer treated respectfully, and a constant brainwashing about how we should enjoy their treatment.

I was in pain, injured, not able to stand, and their Indian Workman's compensation was a sorry excuse for medical care and treatment. The relationship between the clinic and the Tribe was to not pay more than one weeks pay and one week of their benefits, and close the case and in a miracle I am healed. I would consider myself a injured horse that had no usefull purpose any longer and should be put out to pasture.

The economy is poor, and this is the way that people should live their lifes. In constant fear and brainwashing, and threats of termination. Every day waiting for the other shoe to drop, to loose alittle more of your dignity and financial respect. The Bible states that the meek will inherit the earth, I believe that these evil money grubbers, the thiefs and the companies they represent should have empty buildings, and let them do the work  themselves.

I believe that we can take our skills, our intelligence, after all. we are the backbone of any company and create a self sufficient business to survive. We have to change our mind set. We have to be unified, and create our own path, and not depend on anyone else.

The government presently , in my opinion is trying to create a dependent society. A huge welfare type mentality method of thinking. There has been no indication of any punishment for any of these lender crimes, only monetary rewards.

Common sense will tell you, if people can not earn money, it does not matter what programs are created to purchase any goods, or any real estate. The wealthy and the same bail out receivers will have the money to grow stronger and the people weaker.

The Country Needs Unity

We have been seperated due to our increasing breakdown of the family unit. Our dependency on alcohol and drug usage, our inability to earn money, our lack of faith and our blindness to see reality.

I was blindsighted by evil, pure and simple. I was loosing myself, my happiness, my love of life was being destroyed.

I have nothing, but I have everything. I can see the children laughing and playing,  the tide, the sunsets and life, and the sun will shine tomorrow.



Life and Beauty in a Poor Country
Life and Beauty in a Poor Country


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