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Here's what's HOT for 2011...

Updated on August 21, 2011

2011 What's HOT, Trends and Fads

Here is what's hot 2011
Here is what's hot 2011 | Source

The Web is what's hot!

Every search engine is on top of it, because it's about "HOT TOPICS and NEW TRENDS FOR 2011". The Web's Hottest conversations, from the U.S. to China and back are about TRENDS. This is in part because of the "Electronic Media", there's no other way to get information so fast that's so instantly. The news makers and magazines are almost the last to know what's HOT AND HIP, every one has become the first responders to what's known as "Breaking News".

Everyday there's new gadgets and electronic components with advance technology. In addition to that they're coming out with new WIDGETS OR APPLICATION for our handheld phones or computers. I download the hot stuff and within seconds another one comes out. It's fascinating but it's got to stop somewhere, we can only handle so much input to our already over loaded brains.

FACEBOOK AND TWITTER: single handed are going to take over the world like a storm, that has never been seen. They are going to take over almost 95% of worlds advertising and media marketing. We already see that practically everything that has to do with Marketing, Advertising and Promoting information, these two GIANTS have it in their pockets or are in someway in the mix of it all. So if your not with it then your out of the loop.

The 10 biggest brands on Facebook: What’s hot...August 20, 2011... by 2015 Facebook and the electronic media will be the biggest way to communicate and get everything right to you door..

If you recall how it stated a few years back with just purchasing on line. Now the these two Giants have us doing everything from buying to selecting what we do on a daily basis. Jobs, Networking, Buying, News, TV, Phone Calls, Connecting, Sharing and even selecting a new Born's name from the Internet. Facebook and Tweeter, what a concept: (To place your Face-on-a-Book) and (To Chirp-Like-a-Bird).

Tweeter has come out with nifty things, that are catching on really fast and I believe too fast. A trend of words for example (#Hip). This is how people are tagging to each other or networking creating new trendy words. Facebook is not far behind. They have so many applications that have to do with practically every topic imaginable. Just enter the first word that comes to mind in their search and you'll see that is likely to be there, the network group. So as I said previously if your not with it, then your out of the loop and at the bottom of the barrel.

YOUTUBE: What can be said about this company, it stands on it's own. Youtube has joined ventures with just about every single media company that you can think of. Music, Video, Movie, Radio, Audio and Film. Youtube does it all in this arena and it can't be matched.

iTunes: What's hot in music August 2011: Here is the link:

MYSPACE: Is joining the frenzy and coming out with a new look and also a lot of new HOT BUTTONS to play with, networks and loads of topics with new trends. The once Internet master is coming back strong and kicking.

Kindle Book and Ebook readers: This gadget took over like wild fire and it's still going Hot. The kindle readers, may soon have an adversary, in which it consist with a piece of film-plastic. This film-of-plastic, it is similar to what we saw on IRON MAN II, the clear or see-thru monitors. This is in the works of a company in the United States called (E-Ink). They call the product (E-Paper) or (Flexible-Plastic-Sheet). I personally can't wait for this to come out, it will fit in my briefcase just like a sheet of paper.

FASHION: Well it's about the shoe; I've seen many manufactures and designers, competing for our business so we ca buy their fashions and new wear. But the most sold has been shoes. After all we can't go anywhere without proper footwear not even out to go buy stuff from these companies, if we don't have the right pair on. Before we use to dress around our clothes, now we dress around the type of shoes we are going to wear. On July 4, 2011, Fashion trends hot in Asia: As pop music blared from a Zara store in Bangkok, Suthip Nanthavong jostled with others for bargains that might disappear in days, rifling through stylish T-shirts and racks of blue-denim jeans. Here is the link:

Bollywood and Hollywood Get Red Hot with Their Outfits!


We have been noticing the recurring trend of Hollywood and Bollywood stars wearing red lately, and we decided it would be fun to look at what is hot and what is not so flattering. Help us decide in the next few pictures, who wears the red trend well, and who needs a new stylist.

Fall 2011 Trend Report: Fashion and Home. Here is the Fall trends and fashion...

HOT STOCK FOUR(4) of the biggest Teen Apparel companies to buy stock from - here is the link:

Four Hot Trends in Business Intelligence

Data and IT talent it's what's missing for big corporations...these positions are being sent out of the country simply because there's no one that's qualified to handle the positions, for more information about these topics; Here is the link:

SPORTS: Basketball is about the hottest game on any media. Football is up there as well, but the NFL is shooting themselves on the foot, by not going back to it's traditional time. In where football viewers couldn't wait for "ANY GIVEN SUNDAY", I guess they forgot this famous phrase. NFL fans are now left out on the cold. The other sports coming up are Baseball, and Car Racing.

Top Trends In Digital Marketing [Graphs]. here is the link:

We even have the HOTTEST models!

The Gemelas Davalos.
The Gemelas Davalos. | Source

Diana Jurado Escamilla

Mexico most sought after model.
Mexico most sought after model. | Source

The most sought after models!

The Gemelas Davalos or Twins. These two beauties are the most sought after models. They have a long resume and modeling career. If you search for the most wanted models, more likely you're going to run into these two gorgeous model's sites or photos.

The Davalos sisters are dynamical, they are sweethearts and very passionate about what they do. They are going to be the most sought after in 2011.

Besides the gemelas in Tijuana Mexico you have another 23 year old model that is the most sought after model her name is Diana Jurado Escamilla. She has a long resume of modeling in Mexico, in fashion shows, television, magazines and many others, here is her link:

Hottest Electronic Gadgets

Hottest Electronic Gadgets for 2011
Hottest Electronic Gadgets for 2011 | Source

Students make a statement with hottest gadgets for class

The hottest Gadgets such as iPads, smartphones and e-readers are hot on the students list for back-to-school this year.

"The broad trend is kind of a fashion trend,", by Mr. Johnson president of the retail consulting and research firm Customer Growth Partners in New Canaan, Conn. "In the old days ... clothes would make the fashion statement, nowadays the newest technology is making the fashion statement -- whether it's the simplest electronic devise, or whether it's the smartphone -- more so than people's clothes."

Johnson said there are three biggest trends for back-to-school electronics: (E-tablets such as: the iPad, E-readers such as the Barnes & Noble NOOK and the top seller the Smartphones.

Technology is moving toward smaller, faster and lighter mobile devices so as to make it more attractive and affordable for everyone.


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    • profile image

      eduardo zapata 7 years ago

      brother i;m manager of the twins if ever need some of them for working let me know my personal email is

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      I have ben on Facebook for only about six months now, but one topic you have not covered is how great it is to be able to become friends and communicate with people from othercountries. I have friends on Facebook from about 20 different countries and they have become some of my favorite people to correspond with. Before Facebook this was not possible to achieve so quickly. I now have friends in Canada, England, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, The Phillipines, Hungary and France to name a few. How awesome is that.

    • profile image

      CollB 7 years ago

      Yes I see what you mean about Twitter and Facebook being really hot for advertising and for media related content!

      Great suggestions!

    • profile image

      Joey 7 years ago


      happy new year to all

      thanks for letting me noodle around in here, im trying to find a site that offer`s free streaming of the latest movies for my laptop.I own an iphone and of course there are tons, was hoping i would have more luck with this site.

      thanks again

    • custombizpage profile image

      custombizpage 7 years ago from Adelaide

      Good article and spot on about facebook! It is a marketing phenomenon and it is only going to get bigger in 2011.

      And I agree Lyndoman, it is going to replace Google as the most visited site worldwide (unique visitors) by the start of 2012!

      It seems to be a subject that is hot at the moment...I posed the same question about Google at just yesterday!

      I'm not sure Google will go backwards much, just think Facebook are going to have the afterburners on!

    • lyndoman profile image

      lyndoman 7 years ago from London

      I agree, I definitely think Facebook is going to ascend in 2011 at Googles' expense.

    • Rosie2010 profile image

      Rosie Rose 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Hiya Rigo, I clicked on the FB link and here I am. You're so right about the web being hot and I wish The Twins the best.

      Happy New Year!