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Walgreens Job Application

Updated on June 4, 2011

In a tough job market and a slow economy it can be difficult to find a job position with a quality company. However Walgreens is one of the few exceptions to this statement. The ever expanding store has thousands upon thousands of locations. With so many locations it is likely there is one near you. Whats more is that many of the store's have a reputation for being well managed and respectful to their employees. Walgreens is looking for energetic and friendly applicants who are interested in working in a convenience store/drugstore setting. As an employee a few of your duties may include working the cash register, stocking shelves, and assisting in customer support. Read on if a position with the company sounds right for you.

To start you will need to locate a Walgreens location near you. You can do this by using the company's store finder on their main website. Once located all you have to do in enter your zip code and a list of Walgreens locations will come up. Keep in mind that applying at more than one of these locations will increase your chances of employment. You will find that some locations won't be hiring and some will be. To find out which of the locations you should prioritize in your applying, consider calling ahead of time and asking the manager if they are in fact hiring.

Head down to Walgreens and request an application for employment. You can take this opportunity to meet store workers and possibly management. The best time to catch a manager is during weekdays before noon. When filling out the application double check to make sure all your information is correct and spelling error free.

Alternatively you can fill out the company's application online. The online application process is straight forward and is relatively simply (not to mention convenient). Okay so once you are on look near the bottom of the page for the careers link. From here you will have the option of applying online for the following jobs: In-store, pharmacy, corporate, and distribution. Select whichever position interests you and click "apply for position." Before you apply consider readying the job description that the website provides for each job.

When filling out the application be sure your references and work history is current and relevant to the position you wish to apply for. Also confirm that the hours of availability you provide are the precise hours you can work. Often people will either enter hours they can not work or not enough hours. To be sure, check your personal schedule before filling in this information. This is not a huge deal, however it may reflect negatively on you as on employee if you request a schedule change immediately after being hired.

Whether you choose to fill out the job application online or in person, you should follow a similar process after turning it in. I am referring to the impression you make when you turn in your application. Do not turn your application in to a random store worker. Instead make a request to speak with a supervisor or manager. This will give you a leg up as you can introduce yourself to the person who may be hiring you. Some people overlook this step, however it is very important to follow through with it.

After you have turned in your application don't wait for Walgreens to call you. You may be waiting forever if you do so. Instead call the store every other day or so and ask if they have had a chance to go over your application. Often times this will lead to an interview being scheduled.

Keep in mind the benefits an incentives of working for Walgreens. Once hired you will be working a flexible schedule with competitive wages. You will also be eligible to receive a nice benefits package. Examples of benefits offered by Walgreens include health benefits, paid vacation, 401k, etc.

In the event that you are not hired, you may apply to the company again after 30 days. This is the standard amount of time that Walgreens will keep your application on file. Once this time has expired you will be required to start over in the application process.


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