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Walmart WILL NOT destroy mom and pop business .....

Updated on July 5, 2010
MOM and POP business landing at a village near you .....
MOM and POP business landing at a village near you .....


Contrary to what our social and economic engineering friends (socialists) would FORCE you to believe, politics should have little to do with the SIMPLE comparison between Walmart and mom and pop businesses. As long as Walmart and other large retailers can continue to purchase the "necessities" Americans crave in such vast quantities from countries around the world, economies of scale will always keep "big retail" prices lower than mom and pop can ever hope to compete with. Convenience, a short drive, and loyalty to a small town neighborhood store is all mom and pop can ever hope to offer in competition with the mega-retailers. Driving 20 miles to purchase all a good American needs and wants at one location is a powerful draw (as long as fuel prices remain relatively low, and "cash for clunkers" schemes don't eliminate every remaining affordable vehicle). Therefore in the retail universe, (the "buying low/selling high" business), mom and pop have always been and always will be at a disadvantage with "big retail" and their infinite products, "friendly service", and "plenty of convenient parking !!!

I believe American mom and pop businesses of today must be SERVICE related, not of the exclusively buy low/sell high variety of yore. An example is a mom and pop heating/air-conditioning service and installation company. This company must purchase from wholesale and retail distributors for the material parts and pieces they need to install and service whatever it takes to keep Americans warm or cool, thereby creating jobs in the buy low/sell high arena. Mom and pop service company X marks these parts and pieces up PROFOUNDLY more than the stores they bought them from do, (giving them WINDFALL profits on buy low/sell high items compared to Walmart's and "big retail's" markup of these same goods) Then company X charges very well for the SERVICE of repairing and installing these wholesale/retail parts and pieces. Mom and pop company X does so because they must pay their employees, cover overhead, and still have enough left over to gain a fair profit for themselves. That "fair profit" can then be used to gain more business that creates new jobs "the old fashioned way", and allow company X to succeed and stay in business. Or they can buy a big longship with their wealth, go to sea and fade into the horizon on happy Viking adventures, which THANK GOD and gun rights they still can in America !!!

Perhaps mom and pop company X could even bid on a project and be hired by Walmart to install and service doo-hickeys for big retail, making good old American capitalist profit by becoming a small tick on a behemoth's butt !!! Mom and pop will survive and thrive in America by their own hard work and initiative if they provide a desired service and perform it well, then be free from too much government regulation and taxes that will hinder or prevent company X from building the business that creates the jobs, that create the profits, that creates the wealth that American genius always has. Politics with Walmart and their big-box retail brethren need only begin when they want to build or do something somewhere that is not in their neighbor's best interest. Circle the wagons and load the muskets when Walmart wants to drop a "superstore" in a wilderness area, over a pristine trout stream, or next to a Civil War battlefield. Only then let the bad-mouthing and name calling begin. You can call me a conservative anytime you want to and I will smile and be DAMN proud of it. Being what one is for the only life you get is hard won and even harder kept, but a Red, White and Blue badge of honor for me and I thank GOD and America for allowing it to be so !!! };>{>


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    • coynea profile image

      coynea 7 years ago

      Whew!! This will get people on either side stirred up!