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Want SEO? Don't want to pay insane costs? Simple Solution....

Updated on February 10, 2011

So I'm back, SEO non guru person that I am--BUT, I have tried everything under the sun to include spending large amounts of money on services that either fell short or didn't fall at all--they quite honestly were really bad--I'll go into how much they sucked in another hub...but for now; I'm going to break down the SEO powersuite tools.

So SEO Powersuite is a combination of 4 incredibly powerful and highly effective and efficient SEO tools for the online webmaster to the newbie online business owner. These tools in the SEO powersuite are SEO Spyglass, Website Auditor, Link Assistant, and Rank Tracker. Each one unique to the SEO world, each one powerful, each one highly effective.

SEO Spyglass:

SEO Spyglass is a tool within the powersuite that actually allows you to spy on your competition or even get information on how to place well with specific keywords. What makes it so you can buy it or use it for free without having to buy the whole powersuite--which believe expensive...but is no where in comparison to major SEO companies out there.

What does SEO Spyglass do?

So here's the awesome with this tool; SEO spyglass discovers the backlinks that you have, or the site that you are spying on has, so that you can physically see where you stand in comparison to them. When you perform a search a screen will come up after all is done that even tells you the link value of the backlink you carry. Since almost all of the major search engines use this value to determine your sites ranking in their systems, this is a MAJOR thing to know.

SEO Spyglass also tells you what keywords to start optimizing for based on a percentage scale. For example; you have a keyword of "men" with a percentage of 2.9% and another keyword of "big men" with a percentage of 10.9%. Which keyword are you going to go for? Yup it tells you all of that and you don't have to be SEO smart to understand how to attack the google page ranking system.

The absolutely BEST part of SEO Spyglass:

SEOSpyglass will tell you the complete number of your competitors links from PR 0 to PR10 and how many links to each PR they have and you have to mirror that to beat them. That simple...mirror their backlinks with the same PR and add some more and have just surpassed your competition. Pretty easy huh? I think so.

 Rank Tracker:

This tool pretty much allows you to see where you page lies in google and yahoo page ranking in under 2 minutes. I mean think about it, how can you adequately keep beating your competition and stay number one if you don't constantly check where you lie to your consumers? Well, that's exactly what Rank Tracker does, and you can even set it on autopilot...that's the cool part.


 Website Auditor:

This tool does exactly what the name says; it audits your website. This tool can give you huge rank-boosting possibilities by applying on page optimization to your website as a system. Seems pretty awesome doesn't it?

What Website Auditor does:

It makes your whole website system work seamlessly. What does this mean to you? Well it pretty much analyzes your website's structure. This tool puts directly in front of you the entire picture of your websites layout. Pretty much its architecture. 

This amazing tool also checks each page for dozens of structure and HTML-coding related factors. What does this mean? Well it tells you how to fix the errors so that major search engines can index quickly and properly. Some of these well known and common errors are:

-HTTP status codes

-Broken Links

-HTML code errors

-Page size

-HTML code size

-Meta descriptions

-Meta Keywords

-Total Links

-External Links

-Nofollow links

-Page rank

-Link Value

-Cache date in Google, Yahoo! and Bing

-Popularity according to Google and Yahoo!

-Popularity in social media: Diigo, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Social Mention and more

That's a lot of information isn't it. Don't worry I think the same way as well...and it is a bit of information but it's pretty simple when you run the tool once. This one solitary tool allows you to manage and control everything that could go wrong with the innerds of your site, and even sets alarms when you have code written wrong or when you have any out of order links.

 Link Assistant:

Tired of paying hundreds and thousands of dollars to gain some of the high power links to your site through other SEO companies? I know I was...and this tool literally makes it so easy to build backlinks and build proper backlinks to help rank you in major search engines fast, while leaving you in complete control.

This tool allows you to find your link partners in a variety of ways:

-Finds link partners with link submission forms

-Finds sites using your keywords, in 721 search engines

-suggests keywords

-searches for sites linking to your online competitors

-detects sites that already link to you

-harvests URLs from a specific webpage

-makes a deep scan and digs up all links from a website

You can even email all the webmasters from the progam itself to keep track on responses and if they have even linked to you.

 This toolsuite if it interests you, you can actually purchase it from for about 249 dollars for all 4 toolsuites. Each individual toolsuite costs about 99 dollars per. So if you don't want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on SEO firms, where most don't even offer the services you need, you can always check them out--they even come with live support included to help you in your moments of confusion.

From one SEO non-guru to the next...this has been the best toolsuite I have ever used and would recommend it highly to everyone...even seasoned webmasters.


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