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Want To Feel Good About Yourself? Volunteer And Reap The Benefits

Updated on September 19, 2014

Volunteers make an important difference in the lives of others. They sacrifice their time and energy to help someone else usually for little or no payment. Volunteering is an excellent way to improve your self esteem or self worth. It can make you feel needed and gives you a purpose in life. Helping others is a great way to contribute to society.

People who volunteer are usually happier people who are also more happy with themselves. How good do you feel after you've just helped someone do something? How do you feel when you've put a smile on someone's face or brightened up someone's day? These are the things you feel when you volunteer.

There are different places to volunteer, such as nursing homes, hospitals, animal shelters, homeless shelters, women's shelters and charities. Sometimes a nursing home may need volunteers to come in for a visit and spend time with the patients. Imagine how lonely it must be for some elderly people in nursing homes who have no family around. It would be so very nice to spend time with an elderly person who could benefit from having your company. You can learn a lot from them. They have so many stories and advice to share with you, so you both benefit as well.

An animal shelter would be a good place for a person who loves and has compassion for animals. If you search online for an animal shelter in your area, you can find an email or phone number and ask them if they are accepting volunteers. Always ask what the duties are for the volunteer position to make sure it is something you can handle. Some animal shelters need people to clean out cages, pet and spend time with the animals, feed or bathe them or assist them with clerical duties.

A homeless shelter may be a possibility for those who think they can handle it. A shelter for abused women may also be a possibility. Even if you do not want to directly go to these places to help out, you could always donate canned goods for the shelters and maybe a few old magazines that you've finished reading.

Volunteering is a good way for you to make new friends and feel like you are a part of something. Doing this will increase your social circle as well as your self esteem. It is a very rewarding thing to do because it helps you to connect with others who are less fortunate or who really just need extra help at the time. The benefits of volunteering are improving your self confidence, making new friends, bonding with people and/or animals and giving your life more purpose and meaning. Also, you may be able to put your volunteer work on a resume or job application if you are applying for a job.


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