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Want to Use Instagram Better for Branding Your Fashion Startup: Use these 6 Ideas

Updated on May 4, 2017

What do you want most as a fashion startup: to spend your hard-earned money in implementing marketing platforms that might be just best for you or on those (like Facebook) that you have heard your friend using for his business? What might be good for one might not work wonders for you.

Have ever considered Instagram for your fashion brand? Working with hashtags and images can just change the face of your brand.

Underrated, this marketing tool has much in store. Have you heard about it generating 50 times more engagement than Facebook and Twitter?

Message of a picture is delivered faster than a paragraph on the same space. Highly interactive and fun, Instagram lets its users publish and share images, visual posts, memes, GIFs, etc. Experiment whatever you feel like according to your target audience. The best of the fashion Industry like Gucci, and Armani have also turned to Instagram for their specific audience.

So a right plan and fun ideas are all you need to get started on Instagram. Here are 6 of such ideas you can take a hint from

1. Understand Hashtags and get creative with them.

Today almost all the social platforms are using hashtag.Hashtagging on Instagram makes the most sense for the business for target audience engagement. Simple, these can help you to get noticed and trending in a matter of secnds. Just be relevant and catchy. Businesses also take benefit fromalready popular hashtags; and you get not just your potential buyers but also the designers, retailers and other collaborators.

2. Share your startup story and the connection begins to build.

Share story behind your startup and if it’s not that interesting, make it because everyone loves stories and remember them for the brand. How the seed of the business idea came to you and what got the balls rolling. How challenges only fuelled you to be where you are and motivating you to achieve more. Story in 5-8 parts would keep them hooked and coming to your page.

3. Come up with new ways to bond with your audience

If you love the freebies, your potential customers also do. Come up with interesting challenges for your target audience and motivate them to participate. Winning something will be rewarding to your brand in addition to the winner of the game because such interaction is deeply ingraining your brand name in the mind of the participants. Offer giveaways / discount on purchase for the best photos among best-partywear-in-my-wardrobe or best-corporate-attire-you-own; or be more creative depending on your specific product.

4. Support a Good Cause and get your audience’s attention

This one is often one of the best strategy as most of emphasize with sufferings of the needy. Let your brand be the mouth piece for such people and cultivate an image of a responsible brand. If you already believe in a cause, all the better. Aligning your business goals accordingly can also benefit you. (Take the example of UCB raising its voice against apartheid.)

Instant brand recognition would be your reward for all your hardwork.

5. Resist from posting on Instagram a lot!

The excitement of posting on Instagram and getting a response can get to you but don’t let it compel you from posting everyday just about anything and making the place saturated and stuffy for your target audience. You don’t want them to unfollow you, right? Post once in a while when you have something worthy to share with your followers and they will remember your brand for the good things you have for them. Also, while enclosing captions, brevity is the way to go.

6. Inspiration can come from anywhere- competitors or big brands; take it.

Do keep an eye on what others (your competitions and big fashion brands) are doing on Instagram, learn what they are doing and recycle the idea to fit your brand image and implement. While reading this can appear creepy to the people who prefer original but more often than not everything is inspired from others; only some people are inspired in a positive and active mode. Even better is to change the idea even better if you can do that. If you are eyeing the popularity of fashion personalities and brans bigger than you, get them to like you by connecting with them

Don’t let being busy be an excuse to increase the outreach of your brand through Intagram, because the right apps and platforms will make all the difference to your success. And strive hard for success never comes the easy way. Consistency and planning would take you a where you want your brand to be.


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