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Employment Trends and High Demand Jobs in Washington DC: 2011 - 2020

Updated on February 28, 2014

Embassy Row

Fastest Expanding Careers in Washington DC

Washington DC is a hub for data collection and usage, such as statistics and analysis of federal and world economies, politics, social reforms, heath issues, and various other studies. This makes DC a center for long term careers in Information Technology (IT). IT jobs are enjoying a steady growth in the District of Columbus and will continue to do so at least through 2014. Particularly in 2009, when a new POTUS (President of the United States), takes office, an upsurge in statistical analysis should occur as the new administration analyzes the years from 2000 - 2008 for areas to expand and for new programs to add.  

DC is home to the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Alternative Health, which rely heavily on grant-funded studies and the research data they generate. The Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control in Georgia, is also headquartered in DC. All of its departments require and use statistics. Child and Family Services Agency certainly uses statistics and IT professionals. The Department of Labor requires a large amount of information on a daily basis. The federal Office of Motion Picture and Television Development uses information. The University of the District of Columbia is a public university that uses information and IT professionals. The Smithsonian Institute is a system of dozens of museums and the National Zoo, all requiring IT professionals. There are hundreds of agencies in DC that require IT personnel and offer long term IT careers, including the Library of Congress that houses hundreds of thousands of books. Add to this the non-profits and for profit companies and a plethora of job opportunities and careers are readily available in and around America's capital city.

Eternal Flame and Gravesite of President John F. Kennedy


Brookings Research

The Brookings Institution is a non-profit independent research corporation that is currently analyzing the War in Iraq and the 2008 road to the presidency. The scientists and researchers of Brookings are listening to voters across America to learn what the people of the US really want from their next president - the exact issues that are most important and relevant. Brookings is also located in DC.

This important firm's data impact nearly all areas of our society: economics, foreign policy, social, health, education, political, urban, and others. You can sign up for the regular free newsletter from Brookings Institution at the links to the right.

Area Jobs Increased 2011- 2014

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Mar 2014: 232,800+ Jobs listed in DC.289, 500+ Jobs listed in the DC Area in September 2013
Mar 2014: 232,800+ Jobs listed in DC.
Mar 2014: 232,800+ Jobs listed in DC. | Source
289, 500+ Jobs listed in the DC Area in September 2013
289, 500+ Jobs listed in the DC Area in September 2013 | Source

Top Jobs Forecasted to 2016,

Ranked by required skills & salaries:


  1. Janitors and Cleaning, except specifically Maids/Housekeepers $21,550
  2. Combined Food Preparation and Serving $18,190
  3. Waiters and Waitresses $16,500 .
  4. Cashiers $22,110.
  5. Security Guards $27,290.
  6. General Office Clerks $27,570.
  7. Retail Sales $22,490.
  8. Receptionists and Information Clerks $27,540.
  9. Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners (see Number One above) $24,590.

Most Frequent Job Listings

  1. Software Engineers
  2. Systems Engineers
  3. Project Managers
  4. Occupational Therapists
  5. Program Managers
  6. Physical Therapists
  7. Java Developers
  8. Business Analysts
  9. Administrative Assistants
  10. Network Engineers
  11. Sales Representatives
  12. Assistant Managers
  13. Systems Administrators
  14. Executive Assistants


  1. Secretaries, except Legal, Medical, and Executive $37,230.
  2. Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants $42,460.
  3. Administrative Services Managers $71,850.
  4. First-line Supervisors/Managers of Office $67,570.
  5. Registered Nurses $57,440 Associate Degree. License required.
  6. Paralegals and Legal Assistants $43,440 Associate Degree.
  7. Legal Secretaries $51,150.
  8. Customer Service Representatives $31,170.


  1. Management Analysts $77,150. Bachelor's Degree or higher.
  2. Lawyers $127,980. Professional Degree.
  3. General and Operations Managers $98,170. Bachelor's Degree or higher.
  4. Accountants and auditors $65,070 Bachelor's Degree.
  5. Computer Systems Analysts $78,860 Bachelor's Degree.
  6. Chief Executives $138,440 Bachelor's Degree or higher.
  7. Economists $93,950 Master's Degree.
  8. Public Relations Specialists $72,600 Bachelor's Degree.

Top 3 IT Jobs in Washington DC

Database Administrator

This responsible position requires some higher education, from an associate's degree to a PhD. Database administrators work with the newest software systems in business in order to organize data in useful ways that make sense.

These individuals set up computer databases and maintains them. They also design and implement computer systems. Logic, creative thinking, and critical thinking skills are vital in this position. Efficiency, determination, and excellent communications and presentations skills are also relevantly vital this this type of career field. The starting salary of a database administrator in 2005 was $67,000 - $95,000 and is increasing.

Information Technology (IT) Engineers

These positions will grow faster than the average job in the US. Lucrative salaries are one of the star attractions of careers in IT engineering, and these salaries vary depending on the employer. The average salary for IT engineers with an undergraduate degree and one year of experience in 2005 was $52,300. IT engineers employed with software publishers earn a six-figure salary.

Computer software systems designers employ large numbers of IT engineers in software publishing, management, insurance, and credit depository. Computer systems design engineers earn $103,850 and more per year. Perks and benefits include expense accounts, stock options, company vehicles and other offerings.

Network System Analyst/Data Communications Specialist

This will be one of the fastest of the fast growing careers through 2014. Network system analysts who work for carriers of wireless communication earn 65,130+. Insurance carrier network system analysts $64,660. In management companies average $64,170. Analysts that design computer systems $63,910. Local branches of government offer an average annual salary of $52,300.

IT Careers Search Link:

Healthcare Job Opportunities in Washington DC

Healthcare Jobs Increase 2006 - 2016

Top Forecasted DC Healthcare Jobs

  1. Home Health Aides $19,450.
  2. Nursing Aides/Orderlies $24,530. State-approved training/certification needed.
  3. Psychiatric Aides $27,290. State-approved training/certification needed.
  4. Occupational Therapist Assistants $35,720. Associate Degree or Certification.
  5. Occupational Therapist Aides $27,980. Certification or OJT.
  6. Physical Therapist Assistants $36,690. Associate Degree.
  7. Massage Therapists $43,850. Certification.
  8. Dental Assistants $36,690. Certification.
  9. Medical Assistants $31,640. Certification.
  10. Medical Equipment Preparers $28,040. OJT.
  11. Medical Transcriptionists $34,240. Certification. OJT.
  12. Pharmacy Aides (not pharmacy technicians) $28,250. OJT.
  13. Veterinary/Assistants Laboratory $26,660. Certification. OJT.
  14. Animal Caretakers - Minimum wage and higher. OJT.

National Institutes of Health
National Institutes of Health

Fastest Growing For-Profit Companies in Washington, DC


Intellimar serves America's largest commercial and federal government clients, providing homeland security, anti-terrorism, and other security solutions.

Liquidity Services

  • 1920 L St NW, 6th Floor. Washington, DC 20036
  • In the USA: (800) 310-4604
  • International: +1 (202) 467 6868
  • Online Contact Form:

Liquidity Services seems like a Mega-Flea Market, but is much more sophisticated. They offer asset recovery services and an online auction to advertise surplus and wholesale goods. In the middle of the downtown, it is a giant auction-place serving wholesalers, manufacturers, and government agencies and contractors.

iDirect Technologies

  • Herndon, Virginia
  • 1.866.345.0983 toll-free

iDirect Technologies delivers high-tech solutions to achieve the 2005 Innovation and Technology of the Year Award. They were named by Deloitte and Touche as one of Virginia Technology's Fast 50 growing US tech companies. They have additional offices in UK and Asia.

LanceSoft Inc.

LanceSoft Inc. looks for new employees with innovative ideas, good critical thinking, and creativity. LanceSoft Inc. was Number Three on the list of Deloitte Technology's Fast 50 growing companies of 2005. They also maintain offices in Banglador, Chennai, and Trichy, India; and in UK.


  • McLean, VA
  • Email:
  • Online contact form:

This company serves federal, state, and local branches of US government with tech consulting.

Universities and Colleges in Washington DC

The DC area includes a number of schools that do not focus on politics and international business along. Arts, culture, and continuing education are just as important.

Unique Top Schools In Washington DC

  • Corcoran Gallery and Corcoran College of Art and Design at
  • Strayer University for Working Adults: 11 campuses and online classes as well for distance learning at
  • The University of the District of Columbia at -- "The University of the District of Columbia is the only public institution of higher education in the District of Columbia. Chartered in 1974 from three other institutions of higher learning, this Historically Black College/University maintains an open admissions policy, and is the only urban land-grant institution in the nation."

Other Top Schools:

  • American University at
  • Catholic University
  • Georgetown University
  • George Washington University
  • Howard University
  • Trinity University


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