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Waste management: Recycling as material or burning for energy?

Updated on April 5, 2011

Waste management: Recycling as material or burning for energy? Waste is piling up at landfills and there are two different ways of reducing the amount effectively. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Which way do you think we should go?

West management is an effective and modern way to deal waste materials. Waste material can be used by recycling waste materials will be less waste if it can be used in a systematic way. Waste management can be performing by reusing or recyling and another is burning for energy.


It is one of the most rapid and successful process for environmental conservation and sustainable development. In recycling process waste materials are using again and again for same kind of use or for different kind of use without any change or with a little cange of waste materials. This process has been carried out for long time.


  • Recycle conserve and protect valuable resources and protect the environment in a sustainable way.
  • We get usable products from the waste material by recycling.
  • Recycle helps to make clean and green world.
  • Promote a clean and healthy environment to live long.
  • Reduce and eliminate landfill space.
  • Encourage to established new recycling based industries
  •  Stop presenting hazardous waste concerns
  • Recycle Glass Bottles to Save Resources &   Energy
  • Less landfills and less garbage so save money and save the product cost.
  • It contributes to economy.
  • Slows the consuming of natural resources
  • Make people environmentally aware


  • Poor quality of product by recycling.
  • Some waste cannot be recycled.
  • Separate factories must be set up for the recycling of materials, and this will just cause more pollution and energy consumption for transport, sorting, cleaning and storage;
  • Collecting garbage and those collecting recycled goods more transport vehicle needed and more pollution.
  • Pollutants produced by the recycling process itself, including chemical stews when breaking down different products.
  • Recycling is not cost-efficient comparing landfill and annually results in a net loss It costs $50-60 to landfill a ton versus $150+/- to recycle a ton.
  • Creation of low-quality jobs. Jobs include sifting through garbage to separate it, dealing with the toxins from the breakdown process, and other manual-intensive labour tasks;
  • A considerable percentage of items marked as recyclable end up trashed or burned anyway due to poor quality, contaminants, lack of resources able to handle that item in a specific region or recycling installation, etc.;

Burning waste for energy:

Burning waste or incineration is a waste treatment process. It is also describe as thermal treatment. In this process waste materials are converted into ash, flue gas and heat. This process is ideal for heavy machineries, plastic and toxic chemicals.


·         Provide new energy.

·         It is easy and cheap.

·         Requires minimum land.

·         Can be operated in any weather.

·         Burning materials are used as raw materials of other products.

·         Saves energy and time.

·         Keeps environment neat and clean.

·         Source of income so helps the economy.  

·         produces stable odor-free residue

·         refuse volume is reduced by half


  • This process expensive to build and operate
  • It requires high energy
  • Skilled personnel and continuous maintenance is required
  • It produce unsightly - smell, waste, vermin
  • Burning materials produces harmful gases.
  • It may cause different kinds of diseases in human body.
  • Wild life and plants are more vulnerable. 


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    • Beverly Stevens profile image

      Beverly Stevens 7 years ago from College Station

      Thanks for the information. I look forward to your future hubs.