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Watch Your Levels of Motivation Soar With Online Coaching

Updated on September 16, 2011

Motivation, that feeling of desire or willingness that drives us forward to achieve our goals and objectives, can be strong enough at times to achieve monumental feats. At other times though, it can be so severely lacking that it can feel almost impossible to get out of bed in the mornings. When levels of motivation start to dip, online coaching is one of the most effective tools for getting back on track.

Although motivation isn’t something that people tend to think about in relation to all of their activities, it literally drives everything that we do. Even the very simplest tasks such as rising each morning are fuelled by the fact that we want or need to get on with whatever the day has in store. Without that sense of motivation, we would simply spend our days languishing in bed and we would achieve absolutely nothing.

Of course, the levels of motivation that we need to achieve different objectives vary enormously and depend entirely on how badly we want to meet specific goals, how difficult those goals are to achieve and how long it is likely to take to achieve them. In part, they are also affected by how much fear we have to face as we strive to turn our dreams into reality. Finding the motivation to brush our teeth twice a day, therefore, is something that we do automatically and without having to summon up huge reserves of motivation, while conducting a long-term job search from a place of unemployment requires high levels of sustained motivation to keep us going.

Maintaining high levels of motivation isn’t always easy, especially when we don’t have anyone to cheer us on along the way. Depending upon the particular goal that we are aiming to achieve, however, different types of online coaching can help us to stay motivated until our objectives have been met. Health coaching, for example, is designed to ensure that those who have goals to achieve greater levels of fitness or lose weight, for example, have a tailor-made, executable plan and a source of support and encouragement to allow individuals to meet their aims fully. Life coaching, on the other hand, provides the strategy and the motivation to let people become the very best that they can be in whatever areas of their lives that they choose, while business coaching can be used to address a whole range of broader or more specific issues relating to careers and business ownership.

However hard we might try, few if any of us are able to maintain high levels of motivation indefinitely without a champion to inspire us and urge us on. With online coaching, however, there is quick and easy access to expert individuals who are waiting to do just that.

Why struggle to find the motivation to keep going when you could get just the boost that you need through online coaching?

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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