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Ways To Boost Employee's Morale

Updated on November 16, 2010

Cheap and Efficient Ways to Boost Morale

At some point in our lives we have all worked at a place of employment where we weren't necessarily excited to go to work. If you arrived at work and your employer didn't seem to appreciate your hard work or the environment seemed stressful and daunting, chances are you really dreaded coming back to the workplace.

As a human resources clerk, I have realized lately that our employees are quitting without notice, not calling in for their dispatch times, and most of the time (with the exception of a few cheerful employees) the employees seem down and uninterested in their work. I decided we need to change this. So I started to find ways to boost employee morale and I would like to share with you several ideas I found.

Boost Morale High!

Here are some of the little things an employer can do that may help boost morale in the workplace:

  • Change up boring employee meetings! If you have to have an employee meeting, have it outside of the office once in awhile. Spending more time in the workplace can be daunting. Employees need to have a little refreshment once in awhile. Even if you just meet at a park or a coffee shop (depending on the number of employees) giving the employee a neutral environment might help open up discussion that an otherwise threatening environment would not allow for.
  • Start a positive quote/humor/fun facts board. Find a small place on the employee bulletin board where you can post positive or humourous quotes. Just a small laugh on a Monday morning can break the monotonous outlook on the upcoming work week. I caution you though to remember to make your postings as neutral as possible in order to avoid offending employees; always use caution and professional judgment when posting material.
  • Give the employees some recognition. Management can get so caught up in the tasks at hand that sometimes little things like telling your employee how great they did on a job gets forgotten about. It just takes a minute to make a phone call, send an email, or pull the person in your office and give them some positive feedback. Sometimes all a disgruntled employee needs is to be recognized for what they do and know that their job is appreciated.
  • Keep communication open. Make sure the employees know what is expected; make sure the employee can always talk to someone if there is an issue; and keep your door open. Employees are empowered when they know they have good communication with other staff and the employer.
  • Keep the schedule somewhat flexible. I know this idea is more attainable in some situations and not so attainable in others. It is just important to consider your employee's needs and if they need to adjust their schedule for appointments or other personal matters, try and be accommodating as much as you can. However, there is a fine line between being flexible for your employees and being taken advantage of so use caution.
  • Find some room for fun. Some employers will have silly contests once a month or once a week to boost morale. Make a funny hat competition or a silly outfit competition if your place of employment allows for it. Breaking the stress and the usual atmosphere can go a long way.
  • Free food! Almost every employee will admit that having doughnuts once in awhile or having a sub sandwich party at the employer's expense is nice. Even just providing coffee and doughnuts once in awhile gives the employee something to look forward to and promotes communication.
  • Rewards/Bonuses/Gifts: Regardless of the economic status of your business, you have to find ways to reward your employees for their hard work. Find a way to give them a small gift certificate for reaching a set goal, a holiday, or just for being a dependable employee. The size of the reward, bonus or gift certificate is not an issue. It is the principle behind it... to make your employees feel appreciated.
  • Last and certainly not least: be POSITIVE! A positive attitude is contagious and can spread quickly amongst employees in the workplace.

Remember, it has always been said that an employee who is happy is more productive than an employee who is not happy. I realize each place of employment is different and has different regulations. It is crucial that you tailor these ideas and tweak them to fit your own setting.

Also, remember no matter how you decide to try and boost your employee's morale all that matters is that you let them know their work is appreciated and that you are glad to have them at your company. If you can do this, I can almost guarantee your employee production will increase and the work environment will definitely become a more pleasant place to be.


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    • photographybyar profile image

      Addie's Momma 7 years ago from Bakersfield, California

      Thanks for your comment Roger. I love the idea of an off the clock activity... that is always a good option. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my article. Have a great day!

    • profile image

      Roger Chestnut 7 years ago

      Great article! You're right, it's hard to work in an environment where the same thing happens day in and day out, or where you never get recognized for all the time you put into a project. Another way you could also boost morale is to have an off-the-clock activity every once in awhile. Organize an informal holiday party in winter, or hold an office swim day at the community pool for families to go to. Thanks for sharing!