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Ways To Combat Stress At Workplace

Updated on October 8, 2014

In today's environment, stress management has become very important because almost everyone of us are leading a stressful life. Especially, there has been a manifold increase in workplace stress in the recent times. Though experts say that we all need to have some amount of stress, excessive stress may negatively impact not only our health but our life itself.

In general, the stress you may encounter at your workplace may be due to the issues you may be facing and the unfortunate fact is that you may not avoid some of these issues. But you can take steps to reduce the impact of the stress caused by the issues.
Understand that there may be issues you can not change. There is no point in breaking your head about them. You should therefore address only those that can be altered. In fact, if you make minor modifications to some of these issues, you can not only reduce your workload but can keep stress at bay also.
If your job involves unrealistic expectations, you must immediately contemplate change in the work environment. You can try for another department or if it is not possible, you can look for another employment.
Since it may not be possible for everyone to change their jobs or shift to another department, you must develop the habit of taking breaks. If you take holidays once in two months, you can reduce the impact of your stress. Likewise, you must avoid working during weekends. Instead, weekends should compulsorily be a complete and true holiday period for you so that you can spend time with friends and family members and rejuvenate yourself. Apart from having such regular rejuvenating holidays, you must ensure to take breaks during your day's work also.
You can involve yourself in some physical activities like playing weekend cricket, football, etc. It is a proven fact that if your blood circulation improves due to your physical activities, it will do a world of good to your productivity. You can choose some of the hobbies you may be interested in. In short, you must involve yourself in life-enriching activities.
You must also make sure that your space in the office and more importantly, your desk is free from clutter. No other paper other than that on which you are currently working should find a place on your desk.
Prioritise your tasks according to their urgency and importance. If you postpone doing urgent tasks, you may face unnecessary last-minute tensions that may cause great stress. The same rule applies to important tasks also. Segregate your tasks into four quadrants - most urgent and most important, most urgent but not-so-important, most important and not-so-urgent and not-so-urgent and not-so-important.
The above step may help in improving your time management skills also. You must avoid talking with your friends or making personal calls during your working hours. These can be major distractions that may impede your productivity. You may not be able to finish your tasks on time also and this may cause stress.
By having a support system in your workplace, you can share not only your tasks but your tension as well. If your support system consists of trusted people who can help you by sharing your tasks, you can derive a lot of benefits.
Stress at workplace needs immediate remedy and so, you must do some introspection as soon as you find out your inability to manage your stress levels. If you postpone it, you will be worsening your situation.
Focus on achieving success in whatever you do. Instead of competing with others, you must compete with yourself. This will motivate you instead of causing stress.
Do not try to do everything yourself. You must learn to delegate work to others. This will greatly reduce your tension.
Some of the breathing exercises like deep breathing can be done from anywhere. In fact, deep breathing at the workplace can be an antidote for stress. If you have positive attitude also, opportunities that have been hiding from you will start showing up, thus taking you on the fast lane towards growth and development.


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