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Ways To Make Free Money Instantly

Updated on August 21, 2010
ways to make free money instantly
ways to make free money instantly

Ways to make free money instantly

Hello and welcome to this hub on

Ways to make free money instantly

Here we will discuss some methods which will help you to make money instantly.

In brief, it involves :

  • Finding an affiliate program worth promoting
  • Signing up for it
  • Get affiliate links
  • Driving traffic
  • Getting paid

The method we are going to discuss involves concept of affiliate programs.If are new to this concept then you can refer this :

Affiliate programs explained

Now lets see what to do.

  • Finding an affiliate program worth promoting

Find out good affiliate programs worth promoting.

How to find an affiliate program ?

The simplest method to do is to search in Google.

Type "affiliate program" + "keyword"

For example if you are searching for web hosting affiliate programs , you type in :

"affiliate program" + "web hosting"

in Google search box and click search button.

  • Signing up for it

Sign up for the program.

Note: If you are joining affiliate networks like click-bank , then you don't need to sign up for each program separately.

  • Get affiliate links

Now create affiliate links .(Affiliate links are links used for sending traffic.It tracks who the affiliate is).The affiliate program have  an option to create affiliate link.Create it.

  • Driving traffic

Now you can begin promoting the affiliate program.Send visitors to the affiliate site using your affiliate link.

You can use article writing or PPC programs links Google AdWords for sending traffic.

  • Get paid

Whenever a sale happens you get credit for it.Once it reaches payout balance you get paid.

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Please do leave me a comment if you find this hub useful.


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