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Ways To Make Money Online: A Guide To Passive and NonPassive Income

Updated on February 13, 2012

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Have you notices that some people can make a living online?

Some people do make a living online and it is not a scam but there is a lot of scam out there that claim they can make you rich. Any information about making money online is free. I just want to get that point out before we go into the main subject.

How To Make Money

There are two categories of making money online: Non-Passive and Passive. What I mean by non-passive is the kind of works where you sit in front of a computer and actively do the tasks in exchange for money. While Passive is when you do something, such as writing an article for hubpages, and it continues to earn you money regardless if you continue to be active or not.

Non-Passive Ways To Make Money:

  1. Sell Your Items: Ebay, Amazon or any online auction sites have made it easy for ordinary people to sell their use/new items online. Besides being safe, these websites allows you to have access to millions of potential customers.

  2. Become A Ebay Trading Assistance: If you are an expert seller on ebay but do not have any product to sell, consider becoming a trading assistance on ebay. These people sell items that belong to someone else and take a commission when the items are sold.

  3. Amazon Mechanical Turk: A crowd-sourcing website that allows people to do “work” that computer cannot for small earning. You can take surveys, write articles, or look things up on the internet. It offers quick cash for those that have spare time on their hand.

  4. Try You can sell almost anything on this websites for 5 dollar. I have seen people fake being someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend, make a proposal video, proofreading, all for just 5 dollar.

  5. Freelancing: Sell photos online, design websites, or write for others. If you know how to use dreamweaver and html, try your hand at designing websites. If you are a good writer, consider writing for websites like ehow.

Passive Ways To Make Money:

  1. Write For A Revenue Sharing Websites: Websites such as Hubpages or Squidoo are great ways to generate passive income. Just write and publish an articles and as people visits them, you get a share of the advertisements income. There are differences in how these websites generate income, so read before you sign up.

  2. Make A Blog: You do have to update a blog periodically but the as people visit it, you get money for the advertisement. People sometimes use revenue sharing websites to get backlink for their blog and vise versa.

  3. Make A Websites: If you design your own websites, all the money made from advertisement belongs to you.


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    • rjsadowski profile image

      rjsadowski 6 years ago

      You have listed some interesting and a few new ideas. Thanks.