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Important Tips for Choral Reading Presentation

Updated on January 17, 2018

Choral reading is the interpretation of poetry by several voices speaking as one. It is the group interpretation for the purpose of sharing enjoyment and increasing enjoyment of it. It involves the use of books or script.

In choral reading it must not only one, two or three persons in reading the script rather it must be in group. It must contain a balance and synchronized group of voices that express a kind of theatrical and expressive meaning. It involves the unity and pleasantness usually having the same meaning to the orchestra or musical group. Choral reading can be synchronized, choreographed, structure and theatrical.

reading via morgueFile
reading via morgueFile | Source

There are important ways on teaching choral reading that must apply before the presentation. These are:

1. Choosing of script

In choosing of script, it must be accurate to the theme of occasions or events. We must give consideration the type of viewers in choosing of script. It must be appropriate to the age, interests and experiences of the audience. If necessarily, choose the script that is theatrical type.

2. Constructing of script

In constructing of script, you must consider that it may be lined and divided into four:





In constructing of script, it necessary to use it with corrects symbols, signs, quotations, lines and illustrations.

Freehand- it is a type of script that the script itself uses as script and no need to construct new script. Putting of symbols and signs to the words or stanza place directly.

3 .Choosing of participants

It greatly helps of conducting audition in choosing of participants. We must choose only those participants with a loud voice, speak clearly every word, have a pleasant and good posture and know how to interpret and express feelings and emotions. We must not forget that the productivity of choral reading depends to the loud voices

4. Orientation of words

After choosing of participants, it needs to have general orientation about the content script. E must explain to them the content of script and elements of it like personal poem, meaning of poems, implication of title of the script, intention or aims of the author, symbols, idiomatic expressions, figure of speech, ideas and messages that possess by every lines/stanzas or paragraph and the summary of script.

5 . Proper pronunciation of words

It needs to teach the proper pronunciation of every word. It’s very important to consider the proper pronunciation in teaching of choral reading. Participants must learn why every word needed to speak with soft, fast, slow, and loud voice. Clear resignation of every vowels, and pronouncing it with proper stresses, tones, lengths and pauses are within the scope of proper pronunciation.

6. Conducting of acting workshop

In theatrical choral reading, every member have their own characterization. They must have knowledge now to perform better in stage. Participants must give a proper trainings so that they will learn the proper using of their and body in interpreting the script as an actor.

7. Primary matching of gestures and actions

It is the matching of proper gestures and actions in the selected words. Yet, not all words must give an action or words.

8. Blocking

Gestures and actions are also includes in constructing of what we called blocking. It involves the formations and positions of participants. Formations involves straight line, diagonal, v- formation and reverse of V, circle, face to face, etc. while positions involves standing, setting, lying, and others.

9. Choreography

After outing blocking, gestures and movements, it needed to learn by participant the choreograph that includes walking, running, crawling, turning, lifting, pushing or even dancing.

10. Choosing of costumes, props, sounds and music

It really great help in aesthetic appeal and interpretation in theatrical choral reading of having costumes, props and materials needed appropriately in every scenes or situations demanded by script. Also, using of appropriate sounds and music can help attract the attention, reminisce their feelings and can give clear interpretation, messages and ideas to the audience or viewers.

11. Run through/ raising up to performance level

This is assigning of schedule of practice. Every meeting or training must shows a high performance level leading to perfection or polishing.

12. Technical dress rehearsal

After showing a performance of participants, it id the time to match it with costumes, props, music, sounds and lighting for you to see if those things are accurate to the content of script.

13. Having critic presentation

This is the day of performing in front of the selected judges having a wide knowledge and experiences in chorsl reading. It has a big impact or help the critics and suggestions of judges to the productivity of performance.

14. General rehearsal

This is the last day of practice. if what is the level of their performance in general rehearsal will serve as a basis of their level or standard of their performance to the day of their presentation.

15. Preparing for the presentation

Readiness of mind and body is not enough. Alertness of every member is totally needed.

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