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Ways to Create a Website Mailing List

Updated on February 24, 2010

Autoresponders, Website Server Mailing Lists and Blog Mailing Lists

Website owners can make more money by creating a mailing list from site visitors. Converting visitors to subscribers allows a website owner to get the same visitors back to their site without additional advertising. Web owners first need to set up a database of subscribers and mailing capabilities for the mailing list. Fortunately, many options exist to convert website visitors into valuable subscribers. Website owners can then capture more traffic and profits by sending promotional campaigns to the mailing list.

Option 1:

Use a Web host with cPanel and Mailman mailing-list functionality. Most Web hosts offer Mailman mailing lists as part of their hosting packages. Create a mailing list in cPanel with the Mailing Lists option. Choose a name and password. Click "Modify" after setting up the mailing list to edit the list and access the list home page. The mailing-list program automatically creates this home page for your list. The list home page has a subscription form for visitors to subscribe to the mailing list with an email address.

Option 2:

Use FeedBlitz to create and manage newsletters and mailing lists. The service can also create RSS feeds, which allow visitors to subscribe to news feeds with a news reader. FeedBlitz works for both websites and blogs. This external mailing-list manager allows you to build a list with subscription forms and subscriber widgets. You can put the code for forms and widgets into the HTML of your Web pages. Visitors can subscribe with any email address. Log in at FeedBlitz to manage all your messages and subscribers.

Option 3:

Use Aweber Communications to manage autoresponders and email broadcasts for any website. Aweber also manages RSS feeds. Use the control panel in your account to create and manage unlimited mailing lists. Autoresponders are mailing lists that send instant messages to new subscribers. An email broadcast is an email message sent to all or part of an existing mailing list. Aweber is also a third-party service that uses Web forms to subscribe website visitors. Use the Web forms on your website pages. Visitors subscribe through the Web form.

Additional Details For Setting Up Your Web Subscription Forms:

Use your website cPanel account to paste the HTML of Web forms into your Web pages. Click "File Manager" and select the page that will contain the subscription form or widget (see Resources). Click "Edit" and paste the codes for your chosen Web forms into the HTML of the page. Visitors to that page can then subscribe to your mailing list. Users of separate Web editors should follow the instructions of that editor to access the HTML and paste the codes into their Web pages.

Additional Tips:

Set up a welcome message when creating a mailing list. Remind the subscriber of your website name and your products or services. Many subscribers quickly forget subscribing to a list and will unsubscribe immediately unless you remind them of the reasons for subscribing.

Watch out for subscriber counts as more subscribers join your list. Mailing-list services charge more as the counts increase. Look at how much money you are making from your email marketing to decide whether you should pay any price increase.


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    • Don Simkovich profile image

      Don Simkovich 7 years ago from Pasadena, CA

      Aweber seems really popular among individual consultants - even more so than Constant Contact. I need to get a trial version and start using it.


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