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Ways to Get Free Web Hosting

Updated on January 9, 2015

First, what is web hosting?

Let's talk about what free web hosting is. One needs to already know what web hosting consist of, if you don't I'll explain it in a little primer here.

Web hosting is basically virtual real estate on the Internet. If you wish to build yourself a house you'll need a piece of land for it to go on in real life. This works the same way for web hosting and websites. Instead of a physical street address your website will use what's called a domain name ( This is the way that your visitors can find you on Internet. Did you know if your website do not have a domain name attached to it Google may actually have trouble finding it!

This works almost the same way as real street addresses do in the sense that if you don't have a street address a GPS program will have trouble finding you.

Usual Web Hosting Prices

Web hosting goes for a variety of prices depending on the package details, operating system, and many other features. In general, web hosting prices start at around five dollars and can go up from there.

With web hosting being somewhat expensive especially for those that are young and may not have access to lots of money. This is a perfect solution for anyone that is adhering to a strict budget or those that may not have any money.

Getting Free Hosting is Easy

Usual Ways of Obtaining Free Hosting

Over the years there have been many different ways that someone can get themselves a free web hosting account. Methods have ranged from:

  • requiring someone to make forum posts on a regular basis
  • requiring someone to click ads
  • placing ads on someone's website
  • and many other ways.

The Latest Way of Earning Hosting

Instead of having to make countless forum posts to someone else's forum or have someone plaster advertisements all over your personal website there is another way!

A website called earn free hosting provides free website hosting in exchange for points which users can sign up and generate. Basically you'll need to do simple things such as surveys and game downloads to generate points. After you generate enough you can exchange them for months and years of free web hosting!

This is by far the best way I have ever found to get free website hosting as you are essentially receiving a coupon code to a paid web hosting site. This is awesome as you are not hosted by a free host that may go out of business overnight.

100% Totally Free

Avoid Free Trials

Be very mindful of pitfalls that exist in the free web hosting world, namely, free website hosting that comes in the form of trials or any type of trial period. This type of web hosting can basically be cancelled at anytime (your website will be terminated) if you do not pay when requested by the web host.

While paid web hosting can be less problematic for users many people still want it for free.

Online Forums Usually Have Free Host Offers

Try Free Hosting Forums

Free web hosting forums can be a very good place to search and check for any free web hosting offers that companies may post. It is also a great place to post your free web hosting request, although it may not be filled. has been online for very long time and is a very reliable resource to use in terms of finding free hosting on a forum.

In Close

I hope this is helped you to figure out how to get your own web hosting account for free.

If you're still having any difficulty please feel free to leave a comment below and I'll help you out. Otherwise go the tried and true method and click here to get your free hosting account otherwise you may also want an inexpensive web hosting alternative.

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